Monday 12 August 2019

BOLO 5150 Working Grave

BOLO - Be On the Lookout for

"Sometimes the NHC Police and I don't see eye to eye, but if you want to be a Cop in New Hope City, Working Grave is a gotta have."
Billy Pink

Coming soon!


  1. Sounds fantastic! I'll be on the look out for sure for this one to come out. :)

  2. Back alleys,Bright lights has really great interaction tables for all the different people you meet. Really great news that you are expanding on that. Thumbs up!

  3. Mike Tassano wrote this from the Police Officer point of view and did a great job. Not the obvious stuff, but more detail with easy mechanics. Making the Police Profession in NHC really fun and a challenge. Brilliant job!

  4. Great stuff. I’m glad this system is attracting creative people.

    1. Mike's a vet, wrote Action, a LTL scenario book.

  5. Truthfully, I was never going to play a cop in 5150, this one makes me want to. Not just straight up Encounters, much more to it.

  6. Reckon I’ll be getting this one immediately :-) A Cop wouldn’t be my first thought for a character either. That makes it interesting.