Sunday, 30 June 2019

Talomir Tales - Joust!

Been working on a stand alone game for Talomir Tales and all of the other Fantasy titles. It's set up as a Tournament - starting with jousting and going to combat on foot. Points are scored based on how ell the Knight does, highest point total gains Fame and Fortune. Can be played with any of your existing Characters. The Joust consists of three runs on the course or Lists.

This pictures shows the two Knights set up for the first run. Each Knight consists of s Knight Card, Rep Card (blue) and Bonus Dice Card (green). As Bonus dice are used and Rep reduced the Cards are changed out to reflect the current status of the Knight.

 The 1st table rolled on is the Charge Table. Both Knights roll versus Rep as they spur their mounts forward.

 The 2nd table rolled on is the Aim Table. Both Knights roll versus Rep as they take aim at their opponent, Head, Chest, or Shield. The more d6 passed, the better the result.

 The 3rd table rolled on is the Strike Table. Both Knights roll versus Rep as they contact the opposing Knight. The more d6 passed, the better the result. Both, one or none can score a hit on its opponent. If a hit is scored the loser goes to the Damage Table.

 The 4th table rolled on is the Damage Table. The struck Knight rolls versus its Rep to see if it took damage. The more d6 passed, the less chance of damage taken. Damage could be none, drop your lance, lose Rep or death.

If no Knight is unhorsed or if one Knight is unhorsed, the Joust continues  - Fight On!
Part Two coming soon.


  1. I will buy this the day it is available.

  2. Really liked Heroes of the Lists. I'd be curious to see how this developes.

    1. Yes, excellent game and historically accurate. The author Ken Sidenblad did a great job and set the bar pretty high.

  3. I'm looking forward to this! I've always liked Joust but thought it could use an update, although it is still a fine game.

    1. Greta game, 8 years old, heck time flies. In the last eight years gamers have changed and like streamlined mechanics with same results. I think this will deliver, although it's in a fantasy setting, still will work well.


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