Thursday, 9 May 2019

Qwik? What's Qwik?

Or should we say "What was Qwik?"
It was a game by THW based on the movie Blood of Heroes. "What?" Movie was okay, game was great.
The movie came out 30 years ago, the game came out 8 years ago. "What?!"

Yeah, I know, time flies. And gamers change and games have to change with them. 

What was detailed then, is streamlined now.

What took a while to play, can be played in half the time.

But some things don't change.

Still bloody...still easy to learn...still compatible with After the Horseman. 

But that's another story... :)

More to come.


  1. Even though it had Rutger Hauer, the movie was not very enjoyable; rented it because I'd bought the game. Was doing some landscaping/gardening where had to wear some protective clothing...and looked just like the character on the cover of Qwik.

  2. Yep, I liked the fight scenes. Just re-watched it and yep, fight scenes good, rest ugh. Unfortunately the fight scenes only lasted about 20 minutes.

  3. Are new mechanics being used for the newer version? The previous one used the same principals as Red Sand, Blue Sky. Would like to see an example of the newer version in action.

    1. Will do. Maybe in a day or two. Just finalizing a few things.

  4. Loved the movie; love the game! Cant wait to see the new addition