Wednesday, 22 May 2019

FNG Tour of Duty and FNG Unconventional Warfare now Out!

In FNG: Tour of Duty you’ll step into the dusty, muddy boots of a Grunt, a Boonierat who slogs through jungle and rice paddies, and fights house to house in Hue City and scores of villages and towns across Vietnam. You will be Infantry, but you will encounter people of different Professions during your Tour of Duty that will serve as the focus of Missions, help or hurt you in your campaign – or just add to your story.

UW introduces the “tactical role-playing game” side of FNG. Players can use UWto “flesh out” their characters, giving them an almost life-like feel. UW blends Role-Playing elements with a fast and easy to follow combat system. 

Unlike FNG this combat system is on a personal level and truly unique. 

Check it out here!

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  1. I read the whole thing as it printed. You guys just hung your masterpiece on the wall.


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