Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Coming This Week - Six Gun Sound Devil's Elbow - With Paper Minis

Maybe you’re an Outlaw looking for a place to lay low. Or maybe you’re a Mountain Man, Cowboy, or Gambler running from the law, or someone else. No questions asked and no questions answered. We don’t judge you here in Devil’s Elbow and you better not judge us.

Devil’s Elbow is a tucked away place in the mountains of New Mexico. To find it you must first have a positive Interaction (page 14) with an Outlaw, then a positive Further Interaction result. Once that happens, welcome to the club!

Six Gun Sound - Devil's Elbow will be released this week. It comes complete and ready to play with paper minis, both counters and A-Frame stand up paper minis as well as two color Battle Board. Playable with any minis as well. Here are some samples that I chose to place on clear plastic bases direct from Litko or Amazon like I did.

Six Gun Sound - Devil's Elbow, coming this week!

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