Thursday 29 March 2018

Coming Soon!

Be the Captain of the Nautilus!

Want to be the Captain of a cutting –edge Steam Punk submarine? Well, here’s your chance! Captain Nemo has decided it’s time to retire and he wants to turn his submarine, the Nautilus, over to someone else. That’s where you come in.

Under the watchful eye of the Captain, you control the Nautilus and her crew, though a series of Adventures, both on land as well as under the sea. Complete the Adventures successfully and you will be the new Captain!

What if you fail?

Here's more info.  😀


  1. I can't decide if I hate you or love you. ;-)

  2. Love this idea. Is it a supplement or a stand-alone rule set?

  3. Stand alone but compatible with most THW titles. Great for crossovers.

  4. Blisterin' barnacles! Can't wait to get me hand on this one ARRR!

  5. Oh, that sounds like great fun :-)

  6. Very nice idea. Looking forward to it :)