Wednesday 6 September 2017

NUTS Compendium - What is it?


The NUTS Compendium contains a series of rules that can enhance and customize your NUTS games and campaigns, allowing you to run scenarios from the blazing hot deserts of North Africa to the frozen steppes of Russia. We’ve gathered the rules from all the supplements and scenario books and brought them together in one place. These are all optional rules; you do not need this book to play NUTS.
However, you must have the core NUTS game in order to use this book and a familiarity with the basic mechanics of those rules.
The rules in this book loosely follow the same organizational style as the NUTS rulebook.

All About the Story

How do you like your games? I like mine with a smaller number of figures and on a personal level. Personal level; what does that mean? Let me explain.
Each game I use the same figures for my squad and label them alphabetically. Now here’s where it gets personal.
I make the Leader, the Star, me. Then I name each of the individual figures – squad members – after my high school or college chums. Now the guy on point isn’t some non-descript figure, it’s Jerome. Now the figure going Out of the Fight or worse is one of my old friends. This puts my games into a different perspective and makes me think twice before sending them across an open field to face an MG 42.
Now that my games are personal, it’s more about the Story. About the exploits of me and my friends and that’s where NUTS Compendium really shines. By picking and choosing what rules to use with NUTS I can make the Story, my Story, as detailed as I want. I can even back off on using some of the rules when I want then add them back in at a later date. Why; because it’s my game.

What will your games be like?


  1. Yes, imho the ideal size for a good Nuts! game is the Cofee and Cigarretes. When i played in platoon scale my table became a mess of 20mm soldiers and I lost narrative feeling. I enjoy Nuts! When I don't exceed so much the squad.

    1. Yep, that's what it is made for. It's natural for gamers to try and play the next level up and that's not always good.

  2. The main problem is when the table says... "Rest of the platoon", here comes the mess. Smaller PEF resolution tables in CR2015 and IAN are useful to mend it.

    1. Just sub 4 or 5 figures for a squad. Then on reinforcments sub squad for platoon. Just make it work for the figures you have. Your game do tweak it to fit.

  3. Is tHe Compendium available now? I didn't see it in the store.

  4. Not yet Peter. Because NUTS is being updated we will release them at the same time offering a bundle of both books at a reduced price.