Sunday 21 May 2017

15mm Sci Fi Buildings - What do YOU want to see?

I've finalized a deal with a manufacturer to produce a line of 15mm sci fi buildings. What do YOU  want to see?


  1. What I really hope for someone to do is terrain that is modular.

    Like the old Necromunda terrain in function, where you have pieces that can connect to each other with walkways and gantries, that sort of thing.

    If it has sort of an industrial look, it could be usable for basically anything

  2. Desert buildings; i.e. dome huts, adobe-like garages, workshops, outpost buildings, cantina, desert starport facilities, landing pad, fuel depot, modular sand wall, desert PDF/Militia garrison bunkers, defense emplacements, medical facilities, comm bunker.
    Lunar base buildings; i.e. Command/Commo building, Medbay building, Defense turrets, Personnel quarters, Hangar facities, Vehicle garages, Landing pads, Research labs, Hydroponics building, Power generator, Base workshops.
    Bug Hunt terrain; i.e. bug holes, bug burrows, bug tunnels like a dungeon set up, bug egg chambers, queen's chamber.

  3. Asking for opinions is opening the door to 101 different replies no 2 the same.

    If it was me I would like to see buildings of the "Early" Future systems a UK Architects, or Jean Novell (French architect)or any of the "Hi Tech" style of UK architects before they become so successful they move to big projects as wargamers cannot afford big projects as a rule.

    You have to decide if you want "Smart" Architecture or "thick". Thick being thermally massive and able to keep a constant temperature internally due to a thermal mass. and Smart being able to change the way it reacts to the environment. Personally I favour "smart" over "thick" but as long as you know which choice you have made then all is fine.