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5150 Back Alleys Bright Lights Step by Step Part 5 - Robbery!

Part 4

“Just keep your hands where I can see them,” the Hishen said. “Now, turn over what you have.”

As Noel reached into her pocket, Billy drew his weapons and the Hishen reacted, but too slow! Billy fired first and dropped one Hishen, the second running off.

Noel checked the Hishen and said, “He’s still alive. She reached into his pocket and pulled out some loot. “We gotta go; here, credits for your trouble.”

Billy puts his weapons away and they leave, heading towards her apartment.


·        After Chillin’, roll 2d6 on the Chance of Robbery Table (page 72).

·        Score 1 and 5, it’s a Robbery, but count as “suspicious”, that’s a +1d6 bonus.

·        Roll Perpetrator Table (page 44).

·        Roll 2d6 score “12” for Hishen Gangers.

·        Roll 1/26 and score 2 NPCs.

·        Roll 2d6 on Gangers Table (page 58) until I score a Hishen.  Rep 4 and the second is automatically (page 24) a Rep 3.

·        Roll on the Robbery Attempt Table.

·        Noel passes same d6 on the table; and will surrender loot.

·        Billy, as a Star, chooses to resist.

·        Go to Battle Board (page 45).

·        Go to Action Table (page 73).

·        Roll 1d6 for Advantage (page 46) and Billy wins, becoming Active.

·        Roll 2d6 each on Action Table, Billy scores more and will shoot.

·        Roll 2d6 on the Shooting Table (page 73).

·        Pass 2d6 and score hit on both.

·        Roll 2d6 twice on the Shooting Damage Table (page 73) and scores a 5 and 5.

·        5 is less than the Target Value (6) of one Hishen (Duck Back), but equal or more than the Target Value (5) of the other (Out of the Fight).

·        Remaining Hishen takes Will to Fight Test (page 73), passes 2d6, but still leaves.

·        Noel checks the Out of the Fight Hishen for loot (page 9).

·        Roll ½d6 and scores 2 Increasing Rep d6.

·        Billy gains 1 Increasing Rep d6 for shooting damage, now at “0” as it removes the 1 Decreasing Rep d6.


After a while, Billy and Noel reached her Apartment. Once there, they talked about Billy staying over, but though better of it. After a bit, Billy left and headed back towards the Transit Station. Once there, he caught the next train and headed home.


From the Street where the Robbery Attempt occurred, to Noel’s Apartment required five more PEFs to be resolved. One on the Intersection of the two tiles (1), one on the Street (2), one on the next Intersection (3), one on the Street in front of Noel’s Apartment (4), and one Defining Moment as they entered the Building (5). Nothing of any substance was resolved as most were resolved as nothing and a couple as a few NPCs passing by.  

From there, Billy would need to resolve more PEFs back to the Transit Station – a Defining Moment.   

Once on the train I could decide that the week is over and roll for a change in Rep; except Billy has a net of “0” Rep d6, so no roll is made. On the other hand, I could have played out a few more PEFs on the City Tile where his Home is located.
Back Alley Bright Lights should be releasing later this month.

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