Thursday 16 July 2015

Big News! Chain Reaction 2015 coming soon!


Just a heads up on the upcoming Chain Reaction 2015 coming out later this month. Now some of you may ask...why? Good question.

CR 2015 will contain the Fast Play tweaks I've been using that combine some mechanics that speed up play while keeping it still real. As the rules are free there's two good things about them.
1 - They can be used to tweak existing rules that you already have and it is easy to do.
2 - They're free.

So download it when it comes out and see what you think. I'll try and get some AARs out there showing the mechanics.


  1. So this will be CR FV2? :) Good to see continual improvements though.

  2. Thanks Ed, always good to have the latest rules. It's so easy to tweak THW games with whatever "version" we want. Games still run smoothly. Look forward to reading new ideas.