Monday 15 December 2014

ATZ - Outbreak Part 2

Part 1

 Activation Dice are rolled to start the turn. The zeds score higher, but cannot activate as their Rep is lower than the score of 6. The survivors go first and start to put some distance between themselves and the zeds. Sailor and Lil are Rep 3 so Tonya (Rep 5) covers the rear. Humans can only stack 2 per hex, zeds 4.

After a couple of turns of running Tonya leads them into a large building. In Outbreak, entering buildings are not automatic. After a failure (the noise generated 2 more zeds) the trio entered the building. An Event Card is drawn and 2 zeds generated. Note that the card on the left was leftover from the previous turn - and had generated nothing.

 Combat in the building is quick with a combination of shooting and melee clearing out the zeds. An Event Card is drawn when searching and Tonya gains 1 supplies counter. This is important because at the start of each month, during a campaign, each character must burn 1 supplies or count a -1 to Rep that month.
With lots of zeds closing in, the trio leave the building and head off the map. Next adventure...
Nowhere Nevada(?!).


  1. Seems like this game more closely follows the feel of the minis game that the previous one did. I like what I'm seeing so far!

  2. Most definitely. The new owner is a business man and let's the game designers have the final say as opposed to the previous owner. Nice guy, just saying.

    This will be my rules of choice when presenting demos at minis convention as they speed the game up by reducing looking for tables.