Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pop Rocket Racers - AAR for upcoming Card Game

Here's a few pictures of some play testing for Pop Rocket Racers. I use some Star Wars minis, but you can play the game with the cards only or the upcoming minis.

 What's Pop Rocket Racers?
Pop Rocket Racers is a game of skill, strategy, and a bit of luck. Picture yourself riding a rocket like riding a horse, but at much greater speeds. Now picture yourself falling off!
In Pop Rocket Racers players speed around a course, through flatlands and mountain passes, trying to beat other racers to the finish line and winning the race. Along the way you’ll be challenged to make decisions as to how many Driving Dice to use and when to use them. There will even be times when you’ll benefit by bumping your opponents as you speed past. In Pop Rocket Racers anything goes!
Pop Rocket Racers can be played solo, competitively against your friends, or a combination of both, with some Rockets ridden by players and others by Non-Player Drivers controlled by the game mechanics.

Each race is eight turns long and includes Chance Cards that can affect the turn, Alien Attributes for each of the six Drivers, and you can "nudge" opposing  Pop Rockets. Pop Rocket Racers is a stand alone game that, like Alien Fight Night, can be used with your 5150 Urban Renewal and Fringe Space games.



  1. Would it use mechanisms similar to that in Charioteer and Machinas by any chance?

    1. Sort of but not exactly. The Driving Dice are used like Star Power. So you have them each turn and can use them each turn. But here's the difference. Score a 1, 2, or 3 and add the result to your number of successes scored with the Engine Dice. 4 or 5, no help.
      6 no help but lose the d6 for the rest of the race! So now it's not only when to use them but when not to use them.
      Also you roll once to see how many successes you scored for the whole turn, not each time you pass. If you score more, you pass and drop 1d6 success. When you reach a tie you both roll off with higher score moving forward, lower score dropping back.

  2. That's a neat mechanism with the driving dice - looking forward to see how it plays in the game :-)

  3. That's a neat mechanism with the driving dice - looking forward to see how it plays in the game :-)

  4. I'm looking forward to this. It looks like it will scratch my cough(pod)cough racing itch even better than Charioteer did. : )