Saturday, 17 November 2018

Doah! Black Friday Sale.

Black Friday Sale

I usually run the last sale of the year in late November to include Black Friday. But this time I ran it in October! So to make up for it there will be a 25% off Black Friday Sale - that next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Like Gladiators? Me too! Coming later this month!

Two Gladiator Games , both using Cards and Dice. Totally compatible. 30+ different Gladiators with the two games. Ever wanted to fight a Gargoyle with a Retiarius?  You can now!

Friday, 9 November 2018

5150 No Limits Scenario Books now on Sale -

You own a spaceship - The Cool Coolie!

You start in New Hope City where there's a fine line between an interplanetary Merchant Trader and a Smuggler. Your ship is costing you some credits when it's sitting empty and you need to find a few jobs. But that's the least of your problems as your 1st mate just told you ...

The cops are looking for you!

Just another Bug Hunt; right?

Not exactly. It's a Bug Hunt with a twist. The aliens came to your world and killed everyone that was important to you. They wouldn't talk, they killed on sight. Now you're the last of your kind and you're ready for revenge...

Against the humans.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Launch Date for the Pre-Painted 1/56th scale Tigers! Perfect for 28mm Combat

Launching November 16th!

Here's a picture of the actual finished prototype for an upcoming Kickstarter, not a pie in the sky mock up. First product is a Tiger with others to follow. These are pre-painted and assembled resin cast models, not 3D printed stuff. Launching in a week or two. Will keep you posted,

BTW - This guy is reputable as he already has a mini producing company  and now is branching into wargaming supplies!

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

5150: No Limits - The Night Terror - Coming Soon!

The old wound keeps me from sleeping. It brings back bad memories. Memories of when the aliens came. Where they came from no one knew. Attempts to reason with them were fruitless, as they preferred to attack without provocation. They were so vicious and irrational and soon there were but few of us left alive. Only those that chose to hide survived.

 I swallowed my pride and hid like the rest. I said back then I did it for my family, my children. Our leaders said, “There is room for all of us to live on this world, even the aliens. Let us live together in peace.”

But they were wrong. I remember returning from the hunt. It had been a good one even though the aliens had killed most of the animals that we lived on. I remember returning to my home and seeing it destroyed. My children slaughtered and none about except Death. I wailed my grief for what felt like forever, wondering why fate had kept me alive while taking the others.

Then I realized it. I was to be the vengeance of my people. So I hunt the aliens in memory of my children, in memory of my people. I am the last of my kind. I come in the night bringing death. The aliens know me as… 

The Night Terror - Coming soon!

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

5150: No Limits - The Cool Coolie Coming oon!

Reaching the end of the flight line, Gus smiled.  There she sat, Gus’ prize possession the “Cool Coolie” – a small trader by galactic standards.  Yet, she was much larger than the gun boats he’d piloted during his twenty-year stint in the Corps.  She looked as though she had seen better days, but that was the way Gus preferred it.  A beat-up looking ship attracted less attention from authorities and pirates alike.

Gus was a transporter by profession but being based out of New Hope meant he also did a good amount of smuggling.  He was owner, pilot and captain.  A captain who was beginning to wonder the whereabouts of his crew. 

Gus climbed into the cockpit and nestled into the pilot’s seat just in time to see the sun crest the horizon amid brilliant hues of gold and orange. Sunrises on the arid New Hope landscape were always spectacular.  He noticed a blinking light on the comm panel.  He pushed the button, it was a message from Shortcake.

“Jeez, Gus, turn on your phone.  Our glorious crew got themselves arrested at a party last night.  They’re spilling their guts about our last run to save their bacon.  Better lay low; the cops are looking for you.”

The Cool Coolie - Coming later this week.

Monday, 5 November 2018

5150 No Limits Scenario Books - Cool Coolie and Night Terror

Coming latter this week, two new scenario books for 5150: No Limits - Maiden Voyage - the Sci Fi Adventure core rules 

Inside each 5150: No Limits Scenario book you’ll find:
·        Stats for the Races found in the Core Rules – Maiden Voyage and any new Races.
·        Info about New Hope City and a Map.
·        The Buildings Table from the Core Rules.
·        Info on your Spaceship from the Core Rules.
·        Info on the Rings in the 5150 Universe and the Whose Planet is it Anyways Table. If you want, you can switch out the planets by using the new Races.
·        The sixteen basic, use them as you need them, Encounters, and sixteen Linked Encounters specific to the book.

More info to come!