Monday, 10 June 2013

Paper CapShips for 5150: Star Navy now on sale

Been looking at getting into 5150: Star Navy, the THW spaceship fleet game but light on ships? Me too! That's why I commissioned an artist to do color ships on both hexes and squares.
Here's an example of a Hishen Planetary Conquest ship.

You get one of each ship used in Star Navy plus Fighter Squadrons.Heck we even included Pirates and Merchants!

Each Faction has its own color and all the ships are proportionate in size for their Class. You get two sets for each Faction, one set on 2" hexes and the other on 2" squares.

And the nice thing is you can make as many of these as you like.

Here's the link

Fora $5 color PDF yo can get into 5150: Star Navy in a big way.

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