Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ratmen, Roofs and Run For It! $3 Module AAR

Haldor opened the door to the roof and scrambled out.
"At least there's a full moon," he thought as Wurm and him leaped down to the second story roof below. They could hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from below at the discovery of the jewel being stolen.
Wurm didn't speak Rat tongue but he could tell that they were coming after them. The two set off into the night.
This is an AAR of a Burglary Encounter using the Jewel of Murinae $3 module for Swordplay. In this AAR the two thieves from before have made it to the Temple roof and are being pursued by Ratmen dead set on retrieving the jewel they have stolen.
Unlike the previous posting where I was working on the Roof Running mechanics, this is a full blown Encounter using Swordplay for melee, In Sights, etc. So let's get started.
Haldor looked back and could see Ratmen pouring out of the Temple. One on one they weren't too tough but in these numbers it would be a challenge if they were trapped on a roof and surrounded. He had a choice, head straight on directly towards Hearth Wood Street and safety of cut right and hope to make up speed on the lower level roofs. The decision was taken out of his hands by Wurm flashing by and leaping over the alley.
There are three classes of roofs with varying degrees of difficulty. The second factor in the roof is the height. For this AAR I used green tiles for single story, yellow for two and red for three stories. 
There are four tests that need to be taken when moving from roof to roof. The first used is the Leaping Down Test used when jumping from a higher to lower elevation. This was used when leaving the Temple (red roof) to the yellow roof.

It was used in the second turn when they leapt down from the yellow to green roof. The Ratmen (Rep 4) had a more difficult time leaping down than the two thieves (Rep 5). But they would catch up when taking the Climbing Test from the green roof to the yellow, from a lower to higher level, as they had the Climbing Attribute.
In any case the picture below shows the thieves out front, one Ratman hot on their tail, and the rest two roofs behind. Note one Ratman went splat and out of the fight when leaping down to the green roof!

Suddenly from up ahead another Ratman appeared. He was on his way back to the Temple and just happened to be in the right place at the right time. To make it worse Wurm slipped as a second Ratman caught up from behind. The opponents went into melee as the mass of Ratmen came closer.

Two random events occurred, one right after the other. The first was when Wurm slipped, costing him a turn of activation. I chose to have Haldor stay with his friend instead of moving onto the next roof. The next activation roll caused a new Ratman to appear to their front.

 Three more Ratmen swarm onto the roof with the thieves. Two get cut down Out of the Fight and two others are stunned. Five more are on the adjacent roof ready to jump the alley.

 It's easy to lose track of what the mission is and spend the time to dispatch the stunned Ratmen but having secured the jewel I decide it's better to leave than make an enemy of the Wizard who hired them. Activating first the thieves leap over the alley using the Alley Jumping test. Each test takes into account the time of day (-1 if roof running at night) as well as the heights of the buildings which makes it easier to leap down single stories instead of multiple stories.

Clearing the alley Wurm and Haldor see a series of flat roofs ahead and the lights of Hearth Wood Street. If all works out they should make it to safety. If all works out...
Having to stop and melee two activations, the thieves lost valuable time. As the thieves clear the alley the rest of the Ratmen reach the adjacent roof. Now it's a matter of order of activation. The Rep 5 thieves versus the Rep 4 Ratmen have the advantage in that they should activate more often but they need to activate first as well. If the Ratmen activate first they'll be able to catch the thieves forcing a melee. At 3 to 1 odds the Ratmen would have the advantage.

Activation dice are rolled, Thieves 5 and Ratmen 1. The thieves move first! The Ratmen follow and are one roof behind.
 It comes down to one roll. Thieves 4 and Ratmen 3. Thieves move first and reach Hearth Wood Street and safety.

Very fun game and a close run of things. Haldor and Wurm now have to decide if they want to return to the Wizard and give him the jewel or maybe try to sell it for more somewhere else. In either case they now have the Ratmen to contend with as enemies which means in all their future Encounters in this city there is a chance (1) that they will run into Ratmen on a mission to kill or capture them.

Look for The Jewel of Murinae and more $3 modules in January.

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