Sunday, 9 December 2012

3 From 2 AAR - Somali Pirates

Somewhere near the Djibouti/Somalia border -
Bailey took a long drag from his cigarette and looked out the window. He had been recovering from multiple gunshot wounds and was finally out of the woods. 
"Mr. Bailey?" asked the European accented man. "I'm from ..."

"I know where you're from," Bailey cut the man off. "I'm not cooperating..."
The Euro nodded and smiled," Yes, yes Mr. Bailey, I believe you will."

Euro was right. Bailey had to come clean about his involvement with the Somali Pirates or face trumped up charges for a variety of, uh, "questionable activities".

Blowing a lungful of smoke Bailey asked "Where do I begin?"
Euro smiled. "When you arrived at the village north of Galkayo."

What follows is a fast and loose AAR for "Don't Take My Ride!" the first of the 3 from 2 product line, the $3 modules from Two Hour Wargames. I'll tell the story and go light on mechanics, which are those found in Chain Reaction 3.0 - Final Version, one of our free stand-alone games. So here we go....
"It was a repo job on a car. The pirate leader had stopped paying so the owner pulled the plug. There were four of us, we went in at night. Dropped off in the shallows. The village had a small dock and about a dozen Mundals. What? Mundals are indigenous huts. Guess you're new in country."

"Anyway we swept from the left and found the car behind the second Mundal. This was going to be a piece of cake and with three new guys I was glad it was. Except Abdi kept lagging behind."

"That's when he came across some goats. Scared the crap out of them and the little bastards took off running making all kind of noise. We still may have gotten away if that one pirate hadn't walked out in front of us.  SOB was going to take a leak. I tried to grab him before he could shout but he ran back inside the Mundal. Dalmar was trying to start the car but it wouldn't kick over."

"That's when it all started to go to pieces. Axmed, the pirate leader, came running out firing away. I took him down but the car still wouldn't start."

"Then 3 or 4 more pirates popped into view and the firefight began. We took a couple out and freaked a few more but Abdi and Gehdi went down and out."

"By now there were more pirates coming and I finally got the car to start. That's when a boat of pirates decided to show up. Just crappy luck I guess."

 "Dalmar managed to get Abdi and Gehdi into the car and just as he was sliding into the car three pirates shot him from behind. I took them out and tossed Dalmar inside. Why? I don't leave men behind no matter who they were. Yes. I learned it in the military. Glad to see you did your homework."

"Once they were all inside I headed south  but didn't make it. This bastards got a lucky shot on the car and it just stopped. Couldn't get it to restart. No, I don't know why, I'm not a mechanic."

"Anyway it didn't take long for them to surround me and the next thing I knew I'm in this hospital bed nursing three bullet wounds. Yeah, that's all I remember. Europeans? No, I didn't see any Euros in the village, I'd have remembered that."

Look for "Don't Take My Ride!" to be released next week.

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