Saturday, 24 December 2011

New Releases

Muskets and Mohawks

"It's not my fight…"

It's 1754 and there's news of the impending war between France and Great Britain. But that's in Europe and between Kings and there aren’t any Kings in North America. Life for both the French and British colonists is tough enough with trying to stabilize their respective frontiers and dealing with the local Indian tribes is a delicate balancing act. No, let the Kings fight amongst themselves across the pond. It's not my fight.
Or at least it wasn't until today. Word has spread along the frontier of open conflict. The tribes are choosing sides and the militias mobilizing. Settlements are suffering brutal raids causing harsh retaliation in kind. The frontier's aflame with war! The Kings may not be here but their war is and while many sides can lose only one side will win.

Which side will you choose?

Muskets and Mohawks is a unit based game where units are composed of 5 to 10 figures. In Muskets and Mohawks you can choose from two sides with a total of four factions. You can be:
·       British Regulars
·       French Regulars
·       British Allied Indians
·       French Allied Indians
Whichever you choose you must lead one or more units of men through the war, the French and Indian War, fighting when needed because it's all about victory and glory, and in some cases, just survival!
The war drums are beating, the militias mustering, and now it's become your fight. Welcome to …
Muskets & Mohawks

 Last of the Mohicans or Sharpe's Rifles

You choose!

Long Rifle is the black powder period immersion game (1) centered on the French and Indian War. Your role is to gain fame and fortune while leading a small band of men through encounters and adventures. You will gain fortune by hunting and trapping wild animals and fame based on your exploits and success. During your adventures you will meet friends and confront enemies. You start out independent not taking sides in the conflict but staying that way may be a challenge.
Long Rifle is compatible with Muskets and Mohawks, the unit based game of the French and Indian War. When combined think of them as the movie, Last of the Mohicans. For the large battle in the field where the Indians ambush the British you would use Muskets and Mohawks. For the smaller actions such as the ending of the movie Long Rifle is perfect. Both sets may be used for the American Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars and any other period that used black powder.

Included you will find lists for the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, War of 1812, the Napoleonic Wars, and the Texas War of Independence.

(1) An immersion game is one where the players take the role of individual characters trying to gain experience and rewards that will allow them to grow in abilities. Although immersion games share some common elements with Role-Playing Games (RPGs) there is a dramatic difference. The difference between immersion games and Role-Playing Games is that in an immersion game you have a combat system that can be used alone to recreate small skirmishes in a realistic manner. Think the Last of the Mohicans movie or the Sharpe's Rifles television series covering the Napoleonic Wars. 


  1. I can't wait for this to come out! What is the basing for M&M for 15mm?

  2. Basing for both is single figures for ease of play between sets and to better show the formations in M&M.
    Formed line - single line base to base contact.
    Mob - Two or more ranks base to base contact.
    Unformed - Single base gaps between figures any way you like them.
    Units are around 10 figures but could be more or less as the campaign goes along.