Thursday, 17 November 2011

Joust - Heroes of the Lists now on sale

The crowd packed the stands, all dressed in their finest clothes, a riot of
color, pennants and banners flapped in the breeze, there was a clarion call of
trumpets, and the crowd fell to a hush. In twos, the Knights paraded into the
Lists, horses draped in color tossed their heads and stamped their hooves to the
jangle of golden spurs. The sun shone in splendor on shield and harness. Passing
the Berfrois the ladies and damsels threw favors of scarves and sleeves to their
favorite Knights. The presiding prince proclaimed the rules, and the heralds
announced their champions.

Joust-Heroes of the Lists allows players to re-create the combat between Knights
during Tournaments. Each player builds his Knight using a variety of Attributes.
The goal is simple, defeat your opponents in one on one combat and gain fame,
glory and yes, wealth, as you fight your way to the top, the International
Tournament Circuit where all Knights are champions.

Joust can be played solo against non-player opponents or head to head against
your friends. In fact, you can even play on the same side, making Joust the
prefect game to teach your friends and family.

Not the traditional wargame, Joust can be played in as little as twenty minutes
and is perfect for campaign games as your Knight gets better with each win.

Joust includes the Jousting Field and six colorful Knight cut-out counters.

PDF $12 Printed Copy with PDF $15

Joust - Heroes of the Lists

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