Friday, 9 August 2019

Juggers Coming! Juggers Coming! Qwik now on sale.

Juggers Coming! Juggers Coming!

Juggers is the sport of the Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland and every village and town has its own team. You start as the player -manager of a team in the Heart of the Wasteland. Win matches and get famous, lose matches and the team will disband. Your goal? Reach the City and play for Fame & Fortune!

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  1. Can't wait. My late wife and I didn't like the movie, even with Rutger Hauer in it, as it seemed to drag, but loved the original game; once time was wearing clothing to keep dust and sun off me when doing some gardening she wanted, and she immediately thought of the game: "Oh look, you're a fantasy character!"

  2. I hear you. Didn't like the movie either, but saw potential in the game. Gave the movie a second look and...nah, no better.