Friday, 6 December 2019

Step by Step Battle Board to Tabletop

This Bat Rep will go step-by-step how to take our Battle Board games like Talomir Tales and 5150 Star Marine to the tabletop for play with minis and terrain. Most of our rules have the tabletop option but here's a free 4 page explanation and how to.

This is a Bat Rep for the upcoming Caravanserai - a Talomir Tales adventure book that contains the Core Rules as well as a section explaining how to play with Battle Boards and on the tabletop. Click the pictures to make it easier to read. Part 2 coming soon..


Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Convert and Play our Battle Board Games to Tabletop Mini Games for Free!

Most of our games have instructions on how to play on the tabletop and with the battle Board. What if your game doesn't have tabletop listed? No worries. Check it out! 

Here's a free 4 page download that lets you play any of our Battle Board games on a tabletop with minis and terrain. Set up the terrain and table, move the minis and when they get in sight use the Battle Board rules to shoot, melee, and test morale!

Monday, 2 December 2019

Star Army Players - Come get Some Ikwen.

Already in Star Army so check it out!

Caravanserai - The Dangers of an Escort Scenario

Haldor, a Mirholme Warrior from Talomir Tales Distant Shores went Carousing and landed a Job Offer - Escort. Sounded easy enough to me,  escort 3 NPC Civilians to another area of the map. Haldor hired a couple of other Warriors  and a Caster to help out. Resolving the first PEF showed me why Escort could be the most dangerous Encounter in Talomir Tales.

First concern is that Civilians aren't very good in combat as they can only melee. These NPCs are unarmed so when it's melee time they would count as non-lethal versus lethal armed enemies. Usually their Rep is low; 3 and sometimes Rep 4.

Now the real problem happens when you roll to see how may NPC s you run into, something I had never realized before! The Civilians count as part of the Band and that increases the number of enemy you might meet. In this fight I had 7 in Haldor's Band, but 3 are weak Civilians. They ran into 7 Orcs.

After placing the enemies on the table I rolled for Action and realized that if the enemy acted first they would charge all of Haldor's Band one on one; this meant the 3 Civilians would be facing Orcs in melee and and probably would go Out of the Fight or worse. All had AC 2, were unarmed to start with and fighting AC 4 Orcs with higher Rep could spell doom.

Luckily Haldor Activated first. I figured if the 4 non-Civilians in the Band could engage and defeat 4 Orcs, the remaining ones would have to attack Haldor and the Warriors as they would be between the Orcs and the Civilians. 

Enough talk! On to the fight.
I use triangles from Litko that lets me track the Reps of the figures. Not needed but good to use. 

After the fight Haldor had 1 dead Warrior and 1 Out of the Fight who remains Out of the Fight until the Encounter is over!  Should have hired a Healer as he can possibly fix the Out of the Fight Character. Lucky for me there was only one PEF to resolve.
Watch for more Caravanserai Bat Reps in the next week or two,

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

We're Back! Turkey Shoot - 2019 Freebie!

It was Thanksgiving and Mordecai was told to "go get a turkey; seemed simple enough.
Follow the trail! 

Black Friday BOGO 

Black Friday Count Down! Less then 48 Hours. Free games!!!!

"Hey! What if I want to buy a bundle like NUTS and NUTS Compendium? Do I have to buy two?"

Nope! Buy a bundle and we credit you the amount of the cheaper book in the bundle, percentage wise. 

Tick, tick, tick... Christmas comes early for THW gamers!

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Free Games? Yep, Black Friday Sale!

Here's how this will work. Place an order for two Books or PDFs and you'll get the lesser priced one free. 
Yahoo Store can't do that kind of coupon, so, just order them normally. No need to type in a code, just order two, four, six, etc.

I will refund the difference in less than 24 hours. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Kickstarter Games for Sale? Yep!

KS backers will be getting their PDFs around January,
Then they will be getting their printed books around April.As soon as they do all the KS games will be available for purchase. 
Here's more info on them.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Friday, 15 November 2019

Last Three Days of Kickstarter

Only three days left on the 10 game Kickstarter. Just a few pledges away from unlocking the Bigger Games Stretch Goal! 

Monday, 11 November 2019

You get a Stretch Goal! And you get a Stretch Goal! And you...

Already funded and only a few pledges away from our Bigger Games Stretch Goal!

On our Kickstarter. Everyone regardless of pledge will get the larger game Stretch Goal if we hit or exceed $6000! Tried to update the rewards after launch, but I couldn't. We're almost there!


Friday, 8 November 2019

Talomir Tales - Caravanserai Coming Later this Month

Haldor seemed to have worn out his welcome in Demeskeen. Or at least in his mind he had and that was good enough. He surveyed the tavern. Kurinthian Warriors, Barylistani Caravan Guards, Demeskeen Army and he swore that little lady in the corner was a Wererat. Well, not right now of course. Not in public, but get her alone and who could say.
“Yes, it’s time to go. I wonder what Brigana is like this time of year?”

Talomir Tales - Caravanserai lets you travel the fantasy world of Talomir as a Caravan Guard. Or maybe you want to lead a Caravan getting paid well for your services. Or maybe you just want to join a Caravan for protection, opportunity or adventure. 

Caravanserai contains the Talomir Tales Core Rules as well as 16 linked Encounters.
Look for it later this month.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Stretch Goals Corrected and Lowered! Article on Kickstarter

 When I dropped the funding goal on the Kickstarter to $3,000 at the last minute before launch I forgot to adjust the Stretch Goals. Much better, check them out!

Here's a nice article on  the Kickstarter. 

10 Game Kickstarter

Monday, 4 November 2019

Kickstarter now Print n Play Too! Save $$

One of our Euro-friends asked about offering a Print n Play version on the Kickstarter where you can print your own games. It's cheaper and saves on postage. Check it out

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Kickstarter Launches Midnight Eastern Standard Time - Win a free set of Rules?!

"Win a free set of rules?!"
Yep, here's how we do it:
1 - The first 20 pledges are eligible for the prize.
2 - When the project closes and if we fund, I will draw one pledge from the 20 and that one wins the free set of our current miniatures rules; your choice.
3 - Winner gets a printed copy and PDF.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Kickstarter Video - What do you get with each game?

Here's a quick video telling you what you get in each game.
The Kickstarter launches November 1st and will last 18 days.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Kickstarter coming soon!

Launches November 1st!

10 Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical & Zombie Games  

Learn One Set of Game Mechanics - Play Many Games
The more you buy the cheaper the price per game.  In fact, you can  buy multiples of the same game! Because our printer doesn't force us into buying a minimum number of games we can pass the savings on to you. It's a great way to get a great price. That makes sense, but what if you don't want 10 games for yourself? Go in with your friends! You and your friends can make one pledge and divide the games up when they arrive.  Since we charge for postage after the project closes you can have your games sent to different places.

These game may share the same titles as our miniatures rules, but they are different!

More info to come!

Monday, 14 October 2019

20% Off Sale Now Until the End of October

Time for the last sale of the year. Enter the coupon code


and get 20% off of your whole order. Sale is the last of the year and will continue until the end of the month.

Valid on our bundles as well.

NUTS Bundle         5150 Bug Wars          FNG Bundle

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

10 Board Games Kickstarter Coming November 1st

Here's a look at the Board Games for our upcoming Kickstarter. Each will include one or more color maps/boards, color counters and cards at a reasonable price. Tell your friends and combine orders if needed to get the best price.

FYI - Some of the games may share the same titles as existing THW mini rules, but they are not the same game. These are unique stand alone games using similar mechanics and can also be played with minis as well.

Learn one set of similar mechanics, play multiple games!

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Kickstarter samples are in!

Received samples from the printer!
Color map.
Rules book.
Poker size playing cards.

Might launch at end of month. 8 games or so to be offered.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

5150 Working Grave - Out Friday! Here's a Bat Rep

From start to finish it took 30 minutes, much of it writing the report. Just to be sure that everyone knows, this can be played with miniatures or counters, the Battle Board will work with minis as well.
Look for 5150 Working Grave to be released this Friday.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Newbie's 1st Encounter - Working Grave

Officer Jones has his 1st Encounter. He has to arrest someone. Here’s how we do it:
·       I roll 1d6 to see where the arrest will occur. City Hall Area or the Financial District. It’s City Hall.
·        Seeing how this is the Grave Shift, the people and things Jones will run into are way different than the middle of the day. I roll and find out it’s a Zhuh-Zhuh Shaker. Zhuh-Zhuhs AKA Monkey Boys are big fellows with a bad temper. Shakers are high up the ladder socially so wonder what this will be about. I roll again and find out he’s a Corporate Exec.
·       I roll to see how many of them there are and get 2.
·       I see that the Leader is a Rep 4 People 4 Savvy 2 and his friend is a Rep 4 People 3 Savvy 3. Not sure if any of them are carrying weapons, won’t find that out until things go wrong – if they do.

This stuff is already figured out when playing one of the 16 pre-generated Encounters and each can have up to 3 PEFs to resolve. Each pre-generated Encounter has so many other variables that no two will ever play out the same. 

I decided to play this out with the counters and Battle Board included in the game but I could have used minis if I had them.

 Anyway, back to the arrest and that starts with the Intimidation Table.
·        Jones starts with 2d6 versus his People Skill of 4. But he’s also “Logical” so he loses 1d6! I roll a 3 and pass 1d6.
·       Monkey Boy passes 2d6 versus his People Skill of 4 so tells Jones to “Bite off!” and the two Monkey Boys resist. I roll on the Packing Table and luckily neither one is packing heat so its melee time. I roll to see if its lethal (1 – 5) or non-lethal (6). I roll a 6.

Time to get physical!

Rolling on the Action Table, Jones passes 2d6 and so does the Zhuh-Zhuh Leader but they have the Advantage so they go first and charge Jones before he can draw his weapon.
End of first round Jones uses Star Power and still suffers a -1 to Rep. So does 1 Monkey Boy.

Second round of melee and Jones passes 2d6, Monkey Boys only 1d6! Down they go, out of the fight! Jones cuffs both of them and puts them in the back of the patrol car. Off to jail.

So what did Jones earn for this first Encounter? Let’s start with Street Cred. Jones is a rookie so he’s not Bent or Straight Arrow yet and since he was successful (read the Monkey Boys the Riot Act after they were unconscious) he ended up gaining a +1 to his Street Cred.

He gained 2 Increasing Rep d6 for taking out the two Zhuh-Zhuhs  (captured), but 3 Decreasing Rep d6 for using Star Power for a net of 1 Decreasing Rep d6. Not a good start to his career but at least he has one Voluntary Encounter coming up. Think he needs to do some Chillin' at Dekkar's Place - get a drink maybe some friendship and even do a little gambling

One thing I did learn is that with the Logical Attribute Jones will Interact and Intimidate People at a -1d6 disadvantage.  Might have to try a little Sweet Talking in the future.