Wednesday, 5 June 2019

It's June 6th - D-Day - Blood Upon the Risers now on sale.

New and updated to NUTS 4th Edition - Blood Upon the Risers.

Inside you'll find:
  • Special Airborne rules that will make your paratroopers different than normal soldiers. 
  • New rules for the different type of terrain you will fight in
  • New weapon and vehicle stats. 
  • Ten linked scenarios covering the action on the 6th of June. 
    All this and more. Check it out here
  • Thursday, 30 May 2019

    5150 New Hope City PI - Back in print expanded!

    Must read NHC PI Bat Rep

    When the Cops Just Won't Do.

    In New Hope City PI you’re a Private Investigator. When the cops won’t do, they hire you. If you want to be a Police Detective instead, you can still use these rules. In fact you can use these rules for investigating in any gaming period, with any Two Hour Wargames rules.

    As a PI you’ll be offered a variety of Crimes to solve from Robbery to Murder. The way to solve a Crime is to find a certain number of Clues based on how difficult the Case is. The more difficult the Case the more Clues you need to find. This can be either finding an Object or Questioning a Person of Interest.

    Sounds simple enough but you’ll be facing twists and turns as you’ll be moving through all the levels of society in New Hope City, from the Movers and Shakers to the Criminal Element as well.


    Wednesday, 29 May 2019

    Qwik Counters and Snapshot

     Enough for nine teams and a ton of combinations on top of that

    Juggers coming! Juggers coming!

    Waiting on the updated cover and will post a game or two. Look for Qwik early next month. More info here.

    And that's not even talking about 5150: Working Grave.

    Wednesday, 22 May 2019

    FNG Tour of Duty and FNG Unconventional Warfare now Out!

    In FNG: Tour of Duty you’ll step into the dusty, muddy boots of a Grunt, a Boonierat who slogs through jungle and rice paddies, and fights house to house in Hue City and scores of villages and towns across Vietnam. You will be Infantry, but you will encounter people of different Professions during your Tour of Duty that will serve as the focus of Missions, help or hurt you in your campaign – or just add to your story.

    UW introduces the “tactical role-playing game” side of FNG. Players can use UWto “flesh out” their characters, giving them an almost life-like feel. UW blends Role-Playing elements with a fast and easy to follow combat system. 

    Unlike FNG this combat system is on a personal level and truly unique. 

    Check it out here!

    Thursday, 9 May 2019

    Qwik? What's Qwik?

    Or should we say "What was Qwik?"
    It was a game by THW based on the movie Blood of Heroes. "What?" Movie was okay, game was great.
    The movie came out 30 years ago, the game came out 8 years ago. "What?!"

    Yeah, I know, time flies. And gamers change and games have to change with them. 

    What was detailed then, is streamlined now.

    What took a while to play, can be played in half the time.

    But some things don't change.

    Still bloody...still easy to learn...still compatible with After the Horseman. 

    But that's another story... :)

    More to come.

    Tuesday, 7 May 2019

    5150: All Bugs Titles 50% off!

    5150: Bugs - HALF OFF!?

    Order any 5150: Bugs title at half the normal price before time runs out! 

    Fight the Bugs! Time is short! 

    Now's the time to get started or complete your Bugs collection.


    Thursday, 25 April 2019

    Coming next month - FNG: Tour of Duty and...

    FNG: Unconventional Warfare.

    It’s Vietnam - 1965 to 1973. You’re part of an elite unit made up of highly trained soldiers where the only FNG you’ll find is the rules you’ll need to play the game.

    Your unit will conduct unorthodox operations such as reconnaissance, sabotage, snatching prisoners, rescuing airmen, ambushing the enemy, and in many cases “out guerrillaing the guerrilla”. And these are almost always carried out on the enemy’s home turf.

    Unlike the traditional soldier, your impact on the war cannot be measured solely by “kill ratios” or “ground gained”. Your Missions are different than that; your Missions are “special”.

    We’d like to tell you more , but we can’t. What we can tell you is that if you like FNG: Tour of Duty, you’ll love FNG: Unconventional Warfare.

    Monday, 15 April 2019

    New Forum! Check it out....and 25% Off!

    Want 25% off of your order? Here's how you do it!

    The old one  crashed so here's the new one.

    Go there and check the Announcements thread called 25% Off Your Order. The coupon code is there.

    Sunday, 7 April 2019


    FNG 3 Tour of Duty is a very individual Charcter/figure game. You have a 12 month, 13 if you play USMC, tout of duty. You start as part of a Squad, I chose Rep 3 but you can choose Rep 4 or 5, and go from there. You generate your Squad, takes about five minutes and fill out the Roster. Here's what Billy's Squad looks like.

    I chose not to give my NPCs  Attributes, but you can. Billy rolled for one and chose the second.
    DEROS is an important thing to track, as you can see. 

    FNG Tour of Duty - Step by Step - Part Two

    Part One

    The firefight had ended, but what about the other two Possible Enemy Force (PEF) markers?

     I was using a Terrain Map to mark the force movements, but could easily have been using terrain on the tabletop and figures.

    "7" came up when rolling for Activation. The US scored higher so could have had Reinforcements, but failed to get any.

    PEF movement is determined by rolling 2d6 versus the PEF Rep of 4. This means they move towards you, away from you or stay in place. Adds to the suspense.

    Contact! Time to set up the Battle Board, or in my case I used a TV tray with light terrain.

    Firefight over and time to roll for Activation. US goes first and moved into section 7. Next turn, PEFs would have went first if there were any - there were none so US moved off board. Why roll for Activation? Score "doubles" or "7" and the PEFs could arrive as reinforcements.

    After the Mission Billy received 4 Increasing Rep d6. One for scoring damage, 3 for the Mission being successful. I rolled them all and score at least one higher than Billy's current Rep so he's now Rep 4.

    I roll for the Next Mission and it's quick, go right out in the late part of the same month an Attack Mission.

    Saturday, 6 April 2019

    FNG Tour of Duty - Step by Step

     FNG Tour of Duty will be released this month and here's a Step by Step of your 1st Mission - Patrol. But before that let's meet my Star.

    It's Pvt. William Pink Rep 3 (I wanted to be a real FNG so went with Rep 3). He has a 12 month Tour of Duty and could have up to 24 Missions , but 18 more likely. I roll for his Squad Leader and fellow Squaddies. With Billy there are currently nine members.

    It's 1966 and the US Investment Level is 4. The Enemy is  3. Investment Level is used to generate PEFs - Possible Enemy Forces, the Next Mission you'll have and Reinforcements, if any.

    There are 8 easy to use Terrain Maps included in the rules, I'm using number 5 - Wooded Trail. You can set up a table to mirror the map or use the map to move your forces. I chose the later version and if combat occurs I'll use a Battle Board.

    I decided to Walk Into the Mission instead of using a Helicopter, which are included in the rules.

     I resolved the first PEF as Main Force Viet Cong, rolled for their Leader, then each Squaddie. I set up minimal terrain on a TV tray and used the counters included in the game. I could have used figures and a detailed terrain filled table, but wanted to play a quick game.

     I choose my Star (Billy Pink) to start as a real FNG - Rep 3. Lucky for me the Squad Leader was randomly rolled as Rep 5.

     I targeted all figures first, then rolled for all shooting,. Next I resolved any damage, and then returned fire as needed.

     After one side resolved it's actions, BOTH sides take the Will to Fight Test.

    The fighting went really fast, a great reason to use the Battle Board and counters. If playing on a large table, I would just keep the figures on the table, removing them when they left the fight.
    This was the 1st PEF to be resolved.  

    Part Two

    Tuesday, 26 March 2019

    Tracking the Ships in 5150 Fleet Commander. Got a Pencil and Paper?

     Throw it away! Everything you need to track the ships is included. In the above picture on the left are counters to track damage, then a Faction Sheet telling you what each ship has for stats and to the right is the Fleet Tracker. As you lose ships move a counter on the row and when you hit the red squares, you're in trouble - 50% casualties and your Will to Fight is dropping fast.

     Ship takes hull damage? Track it with the counters. Stuck in Damage Control and forfeiting your next turn of action? Place a yellow Blast Marker next to the ship, remove it when next active. Easy to track, no paper and pencil required! No roster to check during the fight.  

    Here's a pic of a dozen ships fighting using the Star Wars Fighters. You can use any ships to play, I just counted them as Class 4 Cruisers. Play it with counters or any models you already have, you choose. Heck you can even use these!

    Friday, 22 March 2019

    5150 Fleet Commander and Star Navy for One Low Price!

    Get it here and save 10 to 20%. Already bought Fleet Commander? Send us an email and we'll refund the difference!

    Star Navy versus Fleet Commander - Compatible but Different

    Fleet Commander vs. Star Navy

    Although the two sets of rules are compatible, here’s a quick explanation of the difference between the two.  Star Navy gives you more control over each ship, while Fleet Commander places you at a higher level complete control of the fleet, not each ship.


    Fleet Commander uses the same ships as those found in Star Navy, same Classes are used – 3 to 6. We used the stats for each ship in Star Navy to build the ships in Fleet Commander. Hulls sizes are reduced by half. How a ship causes damage to the enemy is not as important as the overall effect, so fighters, guns, torpedoes have been rolled together into one value in Fleet Commander called Firepower


    In Star Navy you plot the movement of each ship, turns, and speed.
    In Fleet Commander each side lays out their ships based on the location of its Flag Ship – in the center of the line.


    In Star Navy you roll on a variety of tables to fire weapons, launch missiles or torpedoes, and launch Fighters; then use tables to evade missiles and torpedoes, try to shoot down fighters and missiles.
    Fleet Commander tries to cause damage by rolling 2d6 versus the Rep of the ship with all the ways to cause damage rolled into one Firepower factor.
    Pass 2d6 score a full nit, pass 1d6 and the target could escape damage and immediately return fire – something not found in Star Navy. Pass 0d6 and the target returns fire, immediately.


    In Star Navy you need to find the location where the ship was hit and it takes damage on that location. The crew takes one of five different Reaction tests to see what they do.  It’s like you are the Captain of each ship.
    In Fleet Commander the ship takes damage to the hull and the crew takes a Damage Control Test to see what they do. Ignore and act normally next turn, go to Damage Control and forfeit their next activation, or leave the fight.

    Ending the Fight

    In Star Navy each ship is checked to see if they leave the fight.
    In Fleet Commander you track the number of ships lost in the fleet and when you reach excessive casualties and fail on the Will to Fight Table, the rest of the Fleet leaves at the same time.

    In Conclusion

    Want to command some ships with individual detail? That’s Star Navy. Want to command a fleet with many more ships, that’s Fleet Commander.
    As they are compatible, you could play a small fight with 3 to 6 ships with Star Navy and a large battle with 10+ ships using Fleet Commander.

    Now on sale here.

    Thursday, 21 March 2019

    Tuesday, 19 March 2019

    Coming Soon - 5150 : Fleet Commander

    “Captains; I expect you to do your jobs. Engage!”
    Your Captains move their ships, fire missiles, launch fighters or torpedoes and preform damage control. That is not your job!
    Your job is to decide where and when to engage the enemy, and more importantly, when to cut your losses and leave, while keeping the fleet in being.

    In 5150: Fleet Commander, the rules are made to reflect your job. Command a Task Force or Fleet; not a few ships.
    Be a Fleet Commander, not a Captain!

    Your job is to decide where and when to engage the enemy, and more importantly, when to cut your losses and leave, while keeping the fleet in being
    Do Your Job!

    Play it with any existing minis you already have or use the over 120 color counters included with the game.

    Sunday, 10 March 2019

    Stupid *#& Yahoo Store!

    Says coupon good through May 10th. But it really means expires on the 10th. Pushed it back one more day, ends Tuesday.


    25% off your entire order!

    Friday, 8 March 2019

    Thursday, 7 March 2019

    Warrior Heroes: New Warring Fleets Bat Rep!

    Here's a Bat Rep for the upcoming Warrior Heroes: Warring Fleets.
     Kurinthian raiders have been causing lots of trouble for the Governor of south Eskelin. He has decided to dispatch a small fleet of 4 ships to "teach them a lesson." He has sent 1 Great Ship (size 6), 2 Warships (size 4) and 1 small Raider (size 2) under Duke Rodriguez a Rep 5 Fleet Commander.

    The Kurinthians have sent out 6 Raiders (size 2) under the leadership of a Rep 4 Chieftain. The ships meet off the coast of upper Kurinthia and the battle is joined.
    The game revolves around how well you command your fleet, not each individual ship. 
    These are controlled by the game mechanics being Ship Size, Crew Rep, Hull points and Firepower  points. Firepower can reflect archery (as the Kurinthians have), Artillery (Eskelin ships) or Engines - large ballistae/catapults.
    The fight starts with seeing who has the Advantage, who saw who first.

     Side with the Advantage acts first, then the other side.

     When both sides have finished, the Will to Fight Test is taken; will the sides continue to fight.

     Boarding represents casualties and a reduction in the desire to keep fighting.
    The table is divided into three sections and each side sets up with one empty side between them. Movement is one section at a time, remember you are the Fleet Commander, not a ship's Captain. Artillery and engines fire two out sections, archery (missile fire)only one.

    More to come. Like all THW games, playable with minis or counters.

    Tuesday, 26 February 2019

    5150 Fleet Commander Battle Report - Hishen versus the Gaea Prime Planetary Defense Force

    “Captains; I expect you to do your jobs. Engage!”
    Your Captains move their ships, fire missiles, launch fighters or torpedoes and preform damage control. That is not your job!
    Your job is to decide where and when to engage the enemy, and more importantly, when to cut your losses and leave, while keeping the fleet in being.
    In 5150: Fleet Commander, the rules are made to reflect your job. Command a Task Force or Fleet; not a few ships.
    Be a Fleet Commander, not a Captain!
    Played this 10 ship per side battle using Power Point and the counters that are provided. Playable with minis, counters or even on Power Point.

    5150: Fleet Commander is compatible with 5150 Star Navy and uses the same ships with the specifications rolled together and mechanics streamlined allowing you to fight large battles in a reasonable amount of time. Designed to be played solo, cooperatively against the game or head to head.