Friday, 9 November 2018

5150 No Limits Scenario Books now on Sale -

You own a spaceship - The Cool Coolie!

You start in New Hope City where there's a fine line between an interplanetary Merchant Trader and a Smuggler. Your ship is costing you some credits when it's sitting empty and you need to find a few jobs. But that's the least of your problems as your 1st mate just told you ...

The cops are looking for you!

Just another Bug Hunt; right?

Not exactly. It's a Bug Hunt with a twist. The aliens came to your world and killed everyone that was important to you. They wouldn't talk, they killed on sight. Now you're the last of your kind and you're ready for revenge...

Against the humans.

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  1. I am so happy to see these campaign books coming out so soon. They are a big help in giving you an example of how you might structure your own home-grown campaigns. 5150 is an excellent toolbox. My friends enjoyed our first session, and all we were doing is making characters, and running one month (one random, and one voluntary encounter). So far, so good.