Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Chain Reaction 2018 Meets Chain Reaction 2015! We're back!

Chain Reaction 2015 now available again!  
Chain Reaction 2018 is played on an 8" by 10" Battle Board.

Chain Reaction 2015 is played on a 3' x 3' Tabletop. 

Chain Reaction 2018 has all the action in one spot - the Battle Board.

Chain Reaction 2015 let's you move your troops over the table, in and out of terrain, shooting from table edge to table edge.

Play either way or play both, as they are totally compatible.
Just play the game!

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Chain Reaction 2018 - Must Have!

Let's cut to the chase!

CR 2018 has all the current mechanics of our new and upcoming rules - just a little less detailed to give you a chance to see if you like them without having to buy them.

The PDF is free but if you must have it, we can sell you a printed copy. It'd be cheaper to have it printed yourselves - even with the card stock color Battle Board and color counters we've included.

"What?! Color counters and a Battle Board included?"
Yep, we want you get you into the game ASAP. 

Get CR 2018 here!  CR 2015 still available too! Two games, two ways - try them both!

All Things Zombie - Evolution - Final edits are in!

Final edits on ATZ Evolution are in and look for a release next week. Speaking of release, Chain Reaction 2018 out this week. Holy crap - first came out in 2002! Like our other games we're updating them to what people want. Streamlined mechanics, more action in shorter time. String together a few adventures in one sitting and build your Story!

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Saturday, 4 August 2018

16 Game? No! 18 Game Kickstarter

Aces Up! WWI Fighter Combat and Red Streets Blue Mats - Mixed Martial Arts.

Friday, 3 August 2018

5150: No Limits and 5150: Missions Now on Sale!

Want to be a Trader (some would say smuggler) plying the 5150 Universe in your own spaceship? Picking up cargo, passengers, maybe some fun stuff as well as fighting the occasional Pirate.

How about a Squad Leader for  the Star Army? Or maybe the Star Marines, Zhuh-Zhuhs or heck, even the Hishen? We got that too.

Now on sale - 5150: No Limits - Maiden Voyage and 5150: Missions - Infestation. The Core Rules for every Scenario Book coming down the pipe, and it's a big pipe!

On sale now!

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Two 5150 Adventure Series Coming Out this Week!

Here come the core rules of two brand new 5150 series. Missions is all about military ops while No Limits let's your Star travel the 5150 universe by spaceship while adventuring in large cities and small settlements. Both share similar mechanics and are compatible with each other as well as all our 5150 titles.

Both have the core rules for each series and we have tons of upcoming adventures for both. So whether you want to play strictly military squad level games or take your crew traveling on a variety of adventures, we got you covered.

And we'll take it a step further; because they are compatible you can move your Stars between both sets!

Each includes its complete core rules, 16 stand alone Scenarios for you to use as you like, 16 Linked Scenarios forming one Story, an appropriate Battle Board, and color card stock counters to get you into the game quickly. Playable with any minis you may already have.

Watch for more info in the next two days - and they should release later this week.