Wednesday, 11 July 2018

What type of THW Gamer are you?

Many of you started with THW when it was only the Reaction System. While some of our titles still use it and always will (NUTS, Star Army, etc.) some have incorporated the 2d6 Action Table.

With ATZ Evolution coming out we'll be offering both ways to play plus a board game add on that can be used as well. The nice thing is ALL versions will be compatible, so you can play a big table zombie game one day then a small Battle Board game the next using the same figures and the same Stars.

Historicon 2011

Speaking of Historicon, watch for the annual "I can't go to Historicon" 25% off sale later this week.


  1. Playing solo, used the original ATZ to play a summer-long campaign. That was back around 2004 (whenever ATZ came out).
    I had all the tables memorized and can still throw together a game using any genre with those tables.

  2. Just after Guns and Girls.

    1. Yeah, I can imagine the feedback on that cover nowadays. :)