Tuesday, 3 July 2018

What the heck? 25% Off sale through the 4th

Something for everybody. 

Someone asked about a 4th of July sale so what the heck. Use the coupon code


and get 25% off of your order. Good through the 5th, just in case.


  1. Ed,

    I'm confused and have some questions:

    1. Are the rules in the four full books the same, or are they specific to each book?

    2. Are the scenarios in the full books the same as those in the scenario books?

    3. Will purchasing one full book and the other three scenario books net me the full set of rules/scenarios?

    Trying to decide if I need to purchase 8 books or only 4...


    Scott Chisholm

    1. 1. Rules are same for are all books now and going forward.

      2. Yes.

      3. Yes.

      Buy one full book and that's the only full book you'll need. As Iain said - One full book will work for all current and upcomng scenario books.

    2. Ed - thanks! Missed the sale but will keep this in mind.

  2. Hi Scott I'm 99% sure I've seen a post that says you can buy 1 full book and 3 scenario books to get everything i.e. each full books has the same rules, and the scenarios are the same between a full book and the same scenario book. And don't forget to use code 425 if you're ordering today!

  3. Found it on the website ~ "Talomir Tales gives you one set of rules with unlimited adventures. Each Full Book contains all the rules you'll need for all of the Scenario Books plus 32 scenarios - 16 tied into one Story.

    All books are made for the solo and cooperative gamers in mind - no Dungeon Master, referee or Game Master required!

    Buy the Full Books or Scenario Only Books."