Thursday, 19 July 2018

25% off sale ends on the 22nd - Battle Boards!

Great time to catch up or take advantage of the new stuff. Have you seen the Battle Boards for Talomir Tales? Use them with minis or counters. Get them here and remember


gives you 25% off.

You'll find the following Battle Boards:
  • Alley. 
  • Banquet Hall. 
  • Camp. 
  • Cemetery. 
  • Dungeon Passage. 
  • Ford. 
  • Market. 
  • Street. 
  • Swamp. 
  • Tavern. 
  • Treasure Room. 
  • Woods. 

    1. Are these included with the Talomir Tales scenario books or are these ones sold separately, i.e. all new battle boards?

      1. One in the Distant Shores full rules book,
        None are included in the scenario books.
        Decided to offer all 12 in one shot.