Tuesday, 31 July 2018

16 Dice and Card Games to Kickstarter - But What Are They?

Here's the tentative 16 games. 
2 Hour Dungeon Crawl Friday Night Fights - Boxing Game
5150 Back Alleys Bright Lights - Sci-Fi RPG  Hell Hath No Fury - WW2 Tank Battles
5150 Bugs Into the Tunnels Joust
5150 Fighter Pilot Quarters - Quarter Horse Racing
Alien Fight Night Red Sand Black Moon - Fantasy Gladiators
Casino Carnage - All Things Zombie Red Sand Blue Sky - Gladiators
Charioteers of Rome Win or Go Home - Car Racing
Dead Heat - Zombie Racing Wire to Wire - Thoroughbred Horse Racing

Where the card game may share the title with an existing minis rules set, the mechanics are different and all you need to play is in the box, expect for the dice. But we'll offer dice cheap and separately instead of putting them in each box - and having to charge you for them.


  1. Will the card game versions be as solo-friendly as the miniatures rules versions?

  2. Isn't going to get confusing with the card games and the mini rules sharing the exact same titles?

    1. It does feel a bit like a Castles of Burgundy situation -- do you mean the board game, the card game, or the dice game?!

    2. Good point, We've been working on this as well. The way it will be set up is the card games will be on a different site and not on the current minis site.
      No chance of ordering the wrong thing as we'll also say on the info pages - this is the card game. If you want to
      he minis game go to...
      However, some titles will; be changed before launch, just to reduce the chance of it happening.

  3. I already see four boxes I want!

    1. Might be a couple more inn the works as well. The WW1 Fighter Pilot Game for sure. Maybe MMA Fighting, Pod Racing and more. if we can get enough decks ordered the printer said no minimum orders for a game!

    2. I wouldn't mind a WW1 Fighter Pilot game. Hmm... five games - six if we count in MMA. I'm too excited!

  4. Oh boy! I'll be putting down for a few of these titles :)