Thursday, 19 April 2018

Adventures with Captain Nemo - The Nautilus vs. the Ferocious Creature! Bat Rep - Finale

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Part Two

"Extraordinary effort!?"

It's a new rule for THW. It's what a Star can do in difficult situations, but only once per Encounter. It let's you add a bonus 1d6 whenever you want, either when you are rolling the d6 or after you have rolled them.
The Beast wins on the Grapple Table and we go to the Grapple Damage Table. The Beast is squeezing the Nautilus. Dario rolls 2d6 versus the Defensive Value of the Nautilus (5) and passes both d6. The Nautilus breaks away and both will return to the Action Table.

First, the Beast takes the Will to Fight Test, but Dario doesn't have to. He can choose to run, but will score zero Promotion Points - what Nemo uses to see if Dario becomes the new Captain.

 Back on the Action Table I have to decide when to use the Extraordinary Effort bonus. I roll for the Advantage and the Beast has it again. If the Beast wins on the Action Table and goes to the Grapple Table it counts the Rage Attribute and will roll 3d6.  

Dario passes 2d6 and the Beast passes 2d6, it's a tie and the Beast, with the Advantage would go to the Grappling Table. I use the Extraordinary Effort d6 and pass. Dario passes a total of 3 and the Beast 2. On to the Ramming Table!

Both roll 2d6 and luck is with Dario as the Beast passes only 1d6. Dario wins and rams the Beast!

The Beast has its Rep drop by one point to 4. Time for it to take the Will to Fight Test.  5 and 3 - passing 1d6 versus Rep. This means it must immediately re-take the test. 1 and 6, pass 1d6 again! As this is the re-take of the test the pass 1d6 becomes a pass 0d6...the Beast cuts and runs.

Adventures with Captain Nemo is made for the player to have multiple adventures in one sitting or be able to finish one in a small amount of time. This adds to the Story, and that's what Nemo is about...your Story!

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