Thursday, 19 April 2018

Adventures with Captain Nemo - The Nautilus vs. the Ferocious Creature! Bat Rep - Part Two!

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Part One

Here's the challenge of writing Adventures with Captain Nemo...the Nautilus. You have to have the Nautilus in the rules, but I didn't want to write tabletop  rules for naval fights. And what happens when the combat is under water? 

I want Nemo to be an entertaining game where you go from adventure to adventure in a short amount of time and not have to pull out models, rulers, etc. and push them around a table, spending more time moving them around than actually fighting with them.

I gave the fight some thought. What  all fights boil down to is one side gains an advantage over the other, usually through maneuver, then combat occurs, damage is taken and the sides decide if they will stay or go.

That's where the Naval Combat Tables come in. As a warship would behave differently than a Ferocious Beast, there are two different sets of tables.  I'll be using the ones for the Nautilus vs. the Ferocious Beast.

Start on the Naval Action - Creatures Table.
If the Beast wins - we go to the Grapple Table.
If the Nautilus wins we go to the Ramming Table.

I roll 1d6 to see who has the Advantage - 5 - the Beast does.
The Beast (Rep 5) rolls 2d6 versus Rep and passes 2d6.
Dario Fitch (Rep 5), piloting the Nautilus as is it one of the adventures he has to have  to see if he qualifies as the replacement  for Captain Nemo passes zero - boxcars!

The Beast wins and we go to the Grapple Table.

The Beast rolls 3d6 as it has the Rage Attribute. - passes 3d6.
Dario can pass 2d6 at best. Time to go to the Grapple Damage Table - or is it?
Dario could use Extraordinary Effort! What?!

The Finale!

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