Thursday, 13 December 2018

Six Gun Sound - Devil's Elbow Now on Sale

Our updated and best version of Six Gun Sound with our newer, streamlined mechanics. Complete with color Paper Minis and Battle Boards to get you into the game fast! Includes color Paper Minis, Counters and Battle Boards to get you into the game fast! 

Now on sale here!

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Coming This Week - Six Gun Sound Devil's Elbow - With Paper Minis

Maybe you’re an Outlaw looking for a place to lay low. Or maybe you’re a Mountain Man, Cowboy, or Gambler running from the law, or someone else. No questions asked and no questions answered. We don’t judge you here in Devil’s Elbow and you better not judge us.

Devil’s Elbow is a tucked away place in the mountains of New Mexico. To find it you must first have a positive Interaction (page 14) with an Outlaw, then a positive Further Interaction result. Once that happens, welcome to the club!

Six Gun Sound - Devil's Elbow will be released this week. It comes complete and ready to play with paper minis, both counters and A-Frame stand up paper minis as well as two color Battle Board. Playable with any minis as well. Here are some samples that I chose to place on clear plastic bases direct from Litko or Amazon like I did.

Six Gun Sound - Devil's Elbow, coming this week!

Friday, 7 December 2018

Six Gun Sound - 1st Night in Devil's Elbow - Part Two

After a good night of carousing in Devil's Elbow, Billy leaves the Golden Lady saloon and is confronted by two figures in the street.

Gambling in THW is a good way to gain increasing Rep d6, which can help you to improve your Rep. But when you leave the gambling place, especially after winning, there's a chance you could run into problems. 1st up - There's a chance that you can get robbed. Winning at gambling increases the chance of it happening.

2nd problem - Hard Feelings If you win at gambling, the NPCs that lost could decide to have Hard Feelings and will meet you outside to get their money back. This time - it was a case of Hard Feelings.

You can play Six Gun Sound - Devil's Elbow with minis or paper counters. In fact, we've included two color card stock Battle Boards and great color counters AND some awesome A-Frame cowboy counters. Brett at Precis Intermedia has provided these minis and if you haven't seen all their products, rules, terrain tiles and great paper minis, check them out.

The Confrontation can escalate from a good old fashion fist fight to a draw. The NPCs have to roll to see if they escalate, but as a Star , I decide it's time to "throw down".

Stars can do what they want but NPCs have to take the Will They Draw Test to see if they will stick around. And looks like the Townsfolk wants nothing to do with. Billy and the NPC roll 3d6 versus Rep and Billy passes 2d6 with a passing d6 total of 5 (3 and 2). The NPC passed 3d6, but scored a total of 4 (2, 1, 1). Billy goes first and rolls once on the Draw Damage Table, scoring a 2. 6 is Obviously Dead, Rep or higher but not a 6 is Out of the Fight, lower than Rep - reduce target Rep by highest passing d6 of the shooter so the NPC drops from 4 to 1. He takes the Continue On Test, passes 1d6 and goes Out of the Fight.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Six Gun Sound - 1st Night in Devil's Elbow

Maybe you’re an Outlaw looking for a place to lay low. Or maybe you’re a Mountain Man, Cowboy, or Gambler running from the law, or someone else. No questions asked and no questions answered. We don’t judge you here in Devil’s Elbow and you better not judge us.
Devil’s Elbow is a tucked away place in the mountains of New Mexico.

Billy Pink (Rep 5 Star Jack of All Trades) has just entered Devil's Elbow for the first time. I decide to go to the Golden Lady Saloon. Devil's Elbow has 7 buildings to choose from and each has a number of PEFs (Possible Enemy Force) to be resolved, based on the Day Part - Daytime or Nighttime. It's Nighttime so there's 5. The first one in the Golden Lady is always Kat Dushae, the owner. There are 5 different Non-Player Characters in Devil's Elbow, each with a Special Ability. I won't go into detail about Kat, but it's a good idea to Sweet Talk her.

I roll for the second PEF and score Townsfolk and Gambler. Billy interacts with them and gains a favorable result so gains 1 Increasing Rep d6. That makes 2 as Kat gave Billy a favorable Interaction result, but Billy has done some Sweet Talking so he's even right now.

 3rd PEF resolved as a Gunslinger and an Outlaw - sometimes one in the same. Billy scores a favorable result interacting, then in Further Interaction, he gets a job offer. "Interested in maybe robbing a bank?" Billy thinks about it, but declines. "I'd be bad news for you guys. There's a lot of folks looking for me right now."

 4th PEF - Billy meets another Townsfolk and interacts, buys him a drink. Gains another favorable interaction, so at 4 total Increasing Rep d6. Here's where I double dip - I go back to the Gambler and for the 5th PEF I decide to gamble.

Here's a quick rundown on Gambling.
1 - Roll to see who is playing. I score 4 - one being my Star.
2 - Who are they?
Rep 5 Billy will play against a Rep 4 Outlaw, a Rep 3 Townsfolk and a Rep 5 Gambler. Uh oh!
3 - All players roll 2d6 versus current Rep. Pass 2, stay on the game, pass 1d6 and drop Rep by  1 point, pass 0d6 and you're out - gain Deceasing d6 equal to the number of players, including yourself.

1st Round - Townsfolk drops to Rep 2. Gambler cheated but wasn't caught.
2nd Round - Outlaw drops to Rep 3, Townsfolk to Rep 1. Gambler cheated, Billy caught him - I choose to not do anything yet, Townsfolk caught him as well, but chooses to leave the game.
3rd Round - Outlaw drops out of game, Gambler drops one Rep to 4.
4th Round - Gamblers drops out, Billy wins and gains 4 Increasing Rep d6.

I decide to leave, but...

I roll for Hard Feelings from those that lost in the game and as Billy leaves, the Gambler and an NPC friend follow Billy out the door.

The duo confront Billy outside -  Part Two Confrontation!

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Six Gun Sound - Shootout in Santa Fe Bat Rep

With Six Gun Sound - Devil's Elbow coming out soon, been doing lots of play testing and fine tuning. The new Draw mechanics add a level of tension to the game that isn't  in any other THW games.  

1877 - Santa Fe New Mexico
The Sheriff has collected his Deputies to confront Charlie Ward and his Outlaw gang. First a little Story telling.

 Enough talk. Before you actually Draw, each Character must take the Will They Draw Test. There's six Professions and some may talk the talk, but won't walk the walk. Citizens, Townsfolk and the like tend to leave before the shooting starts. Easy to do, just roll 2d6 versus Rep and modify it by any applicable Profession or Attribute. In this case, the Lawman and Outlaw pass 2d6. Let's do this!

 Now here's where it gets intense. Each Character rolls 3d6 versus Rep. TOTAL the d6 scores from all the passing d6, in this case the Sheriff has 5 and the Outlaw 4 as he's Rep 4. If he was Rep 5 he would go first as his total would be 9 versus the Sheriff total of 5, even though the Sheriff passed more d6!

 After the 3d6 are rolled, set the highest passing d6 aside. This is important. Now roll for damage.
"6" = Obviously Dead.
Rep or higher but not a "6" = Out of the Fight
Lower than Rep = Reduce Character's Rep by highest passing d6 scored by the shooter and take the Carry On Test if new Rep is 1 or higher.

 The Sheriff won the draw and fires. By passing 3d6 on the Draw he scores two hits. Pass 1d6 and he scores 1 hit. Pass 0d6, he misses and the other guy fires - based on his Draw roll.
Charlie goes Out of the Fight, both sides now go to the Action Table, the Lawmen fire first.

 After all the shooting and returning fire, four guys are Dead or Out of the Fight and the last Outlaw runs away. How long did it take? About 5 minutes. The two wounded Outlaws would go to a Jail Break Encounter, the Lawmen would roll for their next one.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Black Friday 25% Off Sale starts now!

Coming soon. Six Gun Sound - Devil's Elbow

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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Doah! Black Friday Sale.

Black Friday Sale

I usually run the last sale of the year in late November to include Black Friday. But this time I ran it in October! So to make up for it there will be a 25% off Black Friday Sale - that next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Like Gladiators? Me too! Coming soon!

Two Gladiator Games , both using Cards and Dice. Totally compatible. 30+ different Gladiators with the two games. Ever wanted to fight a Gargoyle with a Retiarius?  You can now!

Friday, 9 November 2018

5150 No Limits Scenario Books now on Sale -

You own a spaceship - The Cool Coolie!

You start in New Hope City where there's a fine line between an interplanetary Merchant Trader and a Smuggler. Your ship is costing you some credits when it's sitting empty and you need to find a few jobs. But that's the least of your problems as your 1st mate just told you ...

The cops are looking for you!

Just another Bug Hunt; right?

Not exactly. It's a Bug Hunt with a twist. The aliens came to your world and killed everyone that was important to you. They wouldn't talk, they killed on sight. Now you're the last of your kind and you're ready for revenge...

Against the humans.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Launch Date for the Pre-Painted 1/56th scale Tigers! Perfect for 28mm Combat

Launching November 16th!

Here's a picture of the actual finished prototype for an upcoming Kickstarter, not a pie in the sky mock up. First product is a Tiger with others to follow. These are pre-painted and assembled resin cast models, not 3D printed stuff. Launching in a week or two. Will keep you posted,

BTW - This guy is reputable as he already has a mini producing company  and now is branching into wargaming supplies!

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

5150: No Limits - The Night Terror - Coming Soon!

The old wound keeps me from sleeping. It brings back bad memories. Memories of when the aliens came. Where they came from no one knew. Attempts to reason with them were fruitless, as they preferred to attack without provocation. They were so vicious and irrational and soon there were but few of us left alive. Only those that chose to hide survived.

 I swallowed my pride and hid like the rest. I said back then I did it for my family, my children. Our leaders said, “There is room for all of us to live on this world, even the aliens. Let us live together in peace.”

But they were wrong. I remember returning from the hunt. It had been a good one even though the aliens had killed most of the animals that we lived on. I remember returning to my home and seeing it destroyed. My children slaughtered and none about except Death. I wailed my grief for what felt like forever, wondering why fate had kept me alive while taking the others.

Then I realized it. I was to be the vengeance of my people. So I hunt the aliens in memory of my children, in memory of my people. I am the last of my kind. I come in the night bringing death. The aliens know me as… 

The Night Terror - Coming soon!

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

5150: No Limits - The Cool Coolie Coming oon!

Reaching the end of the flight line, Gus smiled.  There she sat, Gus’ prize possession the “Cool Coolie” – a small trader by galactic standards.  Yet, she was much larger than the gun boats he’d piloted during his twenty-year stint in the Corps.  She looked as though she had seen better days, but that was the way Gus preferred it.  A beat-up looking ship attracted less attention from authorities and pirates alike.

Gus was a transporter by profession but being based out of New Hope meant he also did a good amount of smuggling.  He was owner, pilot and captain.  A captain who was beginning to wonder the whereabouts of his crew. 

Gus climbed into the cockpit and nestled into the pilot’s seat just in time to see the sun crest the horizon amid brilliant hues of gold and orange. Sunrises on the arid New Hope landscape were always spectacular.  He noticed a blinking light on the comm panel.  He pushed the button, it was a message from Shortcake.

“Jeez, Gus, turn on your phone.  Our glorious crew got themselves arrested at a party last night.  They’re spilling their guts about our last run to save their bacon.  Better lay low; the cops are looking for you.”

The Cool Coolie - Coming later this week.