Thursday, 21 June 2018

3rd Bat Rep - Talomir Tales - Caster with References.

 That's right Daloff. I went down into the Ghoul Dungeon out near the ford. I thought it was a legend, but Pink said he knew it was true. Look at this pouch of jewels! You should have went with us. Pink had a Knight come with him and this Caster. I know, I know, I know. If Pink says she's good, she's good. But I'm telling you she was great!

 We ran into six Ghouls and before you could blink she had fired off 4 bolts and boom. Smoldering Ghouls. Guess it's that active thing they talk about.

 The Knight, Harold; Arnold, whatever his name, him and I charge and  that's it. Last two Ghouls are dead.  Well this time dead, dead.

 Then I turn around and Pink's tapping the wall with a dagger and...

It's a goldurn secret treasure room. Loaded with stuff and two Ghouls. Wham, bam! They're toast and we're up to our hips in gold, jewels, all kinds of stuff. Anyway, we lug out what we can, Billy says I can help myself anytime I want. And the Caster! What can I say. What? Billy and her took off . Something about catching a ship to Eskelin. I know,; Eskelin...

Another Talomir Tales Bat Rep - Casters. What'cha Gonna do?

Haldor shook his head and waved for more ale. When am I going to learn, Pink? So we run into those four Orcs out in the swamp and man, we're ready. The new Caster, he's active - whatever that means - and he's doing the mumbo jumbo and the Orcs, they are sweating. 

 Boom! Off goes the spell and ... nothing! Nothing!Total failure.

 So while the Orcs are laughing the rest of us charge.  

 Now in the thief's defense, he shouldn't be meleeing, but hey. He got stuck in. 

Anyway. After some serious fighting I skewer my guy and it gets real quiet. That's when I notice I'm all by myself. The other two, pfffft, Out of the Fight. 

 When you find yourself outnumbered, well let's just say it motivated me. Killed both Orcs...

 And the archer ran away. Have to admit though, he actually hit my shield with an arrow.

So anyway, after the fight the thief and fighter are okay. The Caster? Never moved after botching the spell. That's him at the end of the bar waving and smiling at us. He convinced me to give him another try. So, what you got planned for tomorrow Billy? 

Part 3

Talomir Tales Bat Rep #1 - the Trouble with Casters and Archers

 Haldor slammed down his third tankard of ale at Edd's Pub and continued his story.
So after I hire this archer and Caster, nice looking lady, but I should have asked for references. Anyway we're walking along the forest and bam! We run into around 7 Gobbos. I'm thinking, heck, bring it on pinheads.
 Well they must have been waiting for us becasue they were on the attack quicker than, well you know.

 Anyway, being typical Gobbo archers they shoot but they ain't hitting nothing. So here they come! Archer, that's him over on the other side of the bar, fires and misses. Not even close. And the Caster? She can't even fire off a crappy spell - "I'm not active", she says, whatever.

 We get into melee and  the archer decides to run away and the Caster... she goes Out of the Fight. Couldn't even beat a Gobbo. A Gobbo! Hey darling, about another round of ale for me and my 
buddies here.

 Anyway Pink, lucky for me my buddy Daloff, my Dwarven friend here, sticks around and we mix it up. 

 Sorry, Pink - Daloff. Daloff - Pink. Anyway he sticks around and we kick some Gobbo butt.

After a minute the two Gobbo archers run away, guess it must be part of an archer's job description.  Anyway, the Caster recovers and says she ain't interested in doing this any more and splits. Same with that dang archer, over there a the end of the bar. Yeah I know I said it before. I should go over there and...

Part 2

Monday, 18 June 2018

Talomir Map

Here's the map and a link to the Talomir Tales Blog. 

Talomir Tales Launches with a Bang!

Coming next week, Talomir Tales. 
4 stand alone Books. 
80+ unique adventures tied together into four Stories.

Each book contains the complete rules, 16 Encounters that you can use to make your own and 16 Encounters linked together into one Story.

If you've downloaded Swordplay 2018, our free Sword and Sorcery game, you'll be familiar with the rules as the Talomir Tales rules are the full expanded rules, with over 30 Character and Creature types , tons of Magic, 10 Character Classes, 30+ Attributes and Skills to make your Character's unique.

And the best part? It plays smooth and fast taking you from adventure to adventure seamlessly as you build your Story.

Watch for a flurry of Bat Reps showing how the game is played. Some will use the counters we've included others will use miniatures using the included. Both will use the full color Battle Board.

More to come!

Saturday, 26 May 2018

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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Explore! A Swordplay 2018 AAR

 Swordplay 2018 is about the Story; your Story. Instead of playing one game that takes the evening to play, Swordplay 2018 is about paying a series of games that link together where the result of one influences the next. This is an example of play - the Explore Encounter. I chose to use a Battle Boards and the counters included in the rules. FYI - There is a Woods Battle Board included with the color counters.

Sir Billy Pink is a Rep 5 AC 6 Star Knight. He has four Grunts (all controlled by the game mechanics) in his band. The Explore Encounter will require him to resolve 3 PEFs - Possible Enemy Forces. What they are, who they are and how many of them there are...I don't know ahead of time. Three die rolls later Billy has run into.   Ogres, 4 of them! I roll 1d6 to see who has the advantage and score a 2. Billy's side has the advantage. Each side rolls 2d6 versus the Rep of the Leader, pass 1d6, but as Billy has the advantage, they act first.

Billy's side can now act, in order. I roll on the NP Caster Table to see what the Rep 4 Caster will cast- Dazzle Spell. I roll 2d6, he passes 1d6, and the Dazzle Spell only affects 1 Ogre.

Next the Shooter fires and scores a hit on one Ogre - forcing him to Duck Back out of sight.
Billy and the to other melee types charge into melee. Billy attacks the Dazzled guy and kills him. The two Ogres win their melees, killing  both of Billy's Grunts!

Both sides take the Will to Fight Test. The Ogres pass 1d6 so one of them leaves the fight. The Ogre Leader remains and attacks Billy. The two melee and it's back and forth. Having the Swordsman Attribute gives Billy a bit of an edge and the Ogre, eventually, goes Out of the Fight.

Fight over, two PEFs left to resolve, but Billy has lost two of his Grunts.

Friday, 27 April 2018

5150; Bugs - No Retreat Now on Sale

Book 2 of the stand alone Trilogy covering the Bug Wars is now on sale!

Surrounded? So what!

Word’s come down from the top. The Bugs are on a roll and moving fast towards us. We’re cut off from any support so we need to pull back to Fort 373. Once there, we hold the fort and buy HQ some time to regroup. With any luck, they’ll send someone to pick us up, but don’t count on it. Doesn’t matter anyway, we just have to do our job. Do…your…job!

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Adventures with Captain Nemo - Now on Sale!

Be the Captain of the Nautilus!

Want to be the Captain of a cutting –edge Steam Punk submarine? Well, here’s your chance! Captain Nemo has decided it’s time to retire and he wants to turn his submarine, the Nautilus, over to someone else. That’s where you come in. 
Under the watchful eye of the Captain, you control the Nautilus and her crew, though a series of Adventures, both on land as well as under the sea. Complete the Adventures successfully and you will be the new Captain!

What if you Fail?

Now on sale.

Adventures with Captain Nemo - The Nautilus vs. the Ferocious Creature! Bat Rep - Finale

Adventures with Captain Nemo Now on sale!

Part Two

"Extraordinary effort!?"

It's a new rule for THW. It's what a Star can do in difficult situations, but only once per Encounter. It let's you add a bonus 1d6 whenever you want, either when you are rolling the d6 or after you have rolled them.
The Beast wins on the Grapple Table and we go to the Grapple Damage Table. The Beast is squeezing the Nautilus. Dario rolls 2d6 versus the Defensive Value of the Nautilus (5) and passes both d6. The Nautilus breaks away and both will return to the Action Table.

First, the Beast takes the Will to Fight Test, but Dario doesn't have to. He can choose to run, but will score zero Promotion Points - what Nemo uses to see if Dario becomes the new Captain.

 Back on the Action Table I have to decide when to use the Extraordinary Effort bonus. I roll for the Advantage and the Beast has it again. If the Beast wins on the Action Table and goes to the Grapple Table it counts the Rage Attribute and will roll 3d6.  

Dario passes 2d6 and the Beast passes 2d6, it's a tie and the Beast, with the Advantage would go to the Grappling Table. I use the Extraordinary Effort d6 and pass. Dario passes a total of 3 and the Beast 2. On to the Ramming Table!

Both roll 2d6 and luck is with Dario as the Beast passes only 1d6. Dario wins and rams the Beast!

The Beast has its Rep drop by one point to 4. Time for it to take the Will to Fight Test.  5 and 3 - passing 1d6 versus Rep. This means it must immediately re-take the test. 1 and 6, pass 1d6 again! As this is the re-take of the test the pass 1d6 becomes a pass 0d6...the Beast cuts and runs.

Adventures with Captain Nemo is made for the player to have multiple adventures in one sitting or be able to finish one in a small amount of time. This adds to the Story, and that's what Nemo is about...your Story!

Adventures with Captain Nemo - The Nautilus vs. the Ferocious Creature! Bat Rep - Part Two!

Adventures with Captain Nemo Now on sale!

Part One

Here's the challenge of writing Adventures with Captain Nemo...the Nautilus. You have to have the Nautilus in the rules, but I didn't want to write tabletop  rules for naval fights. And what happens when the combat is under water? 

I want Nemo to be an entertaining game where you go from adventure to adventure in a short amount of time and not have to pull out models, rulers, etc. and push them around a table, spending more time moving them around than actually fighting with them.

I gave the fight some thought. What  all fights boil down to is one side gains an advantage over the other, usually through maneuver, then combat occurs, damage is taken and the sides decide if they will stay or go.

That's where the Naval Combat Tables come in. As a warship would behave differently than a Ferocious Beast, there are two different sets of tables.  I'll be using the ones for the Nautilus vs. the Ferocious Beast.

Start on the Naval Action - Creatures Table.
If the Beast wins - we go to the Grapple Table.
If the Nautilus wins we go to the Ramming Table.

I roll 1d6 to see who has the Advantage - 5 - the Beast does.
The Beast (Rep 5) rolls 2d6 versus Rep and passes 2d6.
Dario Fitch (Rep 5), piloting the Nautilus as is it one of the adventures he has to have  to see if he qualifies as the replacement  for Captain Nemo passes zero - boxcars!

The Beast wins and we go to the Grapple Table.

The Beast rolls 3d6 as it has the Rage Attribute. - passes 3d6.
Dario can pass 2d6 at best. Time to go to the Grapple Damage Table - or is it?
Dario could use Extraordinary Effort! What?!

The Finale!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Adventures with Captain Nemo - The Nautilus vs. the Ferocious Creature! Bat Rep - Part One.

Click the picture to make it easy to read.
Part Two!

Zed in One - Zombie Golf for All Things Zombie

A game of skill playable with or without Zombies.
With or without minis.
With or without counters.

Zed in One is the updated version of the original Zombie Golf. 
You need not have to have ATZ to play!

Zed in One

Bat Rep - Adventures with Captain Nemo - Conclusion

Part One

It's now the Deep Ones turn to act. The Leader recovers and the three warriors charge. The Nautilus Crew fires!

Two go down but to enter melee.  One crew member goes Out of the Fight and the other Obviously Dead!

Both sides take the Will ti Fight Test and both pass, but one Deep One leaves the field. It is now the Nautilus crew's turn to act and they do, firing at the remaining Deep Ones.

Down go the remaining Deep Ones, ending the fight.  I roll to see if the Out of the Fight fellow survived and pass 1d6 - he recovers.  After burying the dead crew member, Dario continues and the crew continue on.

Watch for more Adventures with Captain Nemo and it's release in the coming days.

Nemo and the Sea Monster!