Wednesday, 20 December 2017

5150: Hammer & Anvil - Now on Sale!

5150: Hammer and Anvil


Includes 40 full color counters! 

What: Vehicle specific wargame/RPG rule Sci-Fi vehicle. combat 

Scale: Vehicle combat. 1 model/figure equals 1 vehicle.

Your Role: Players can command from one vehicle up to a company of vehicles.

Playability: Designed for solo, same side and head to head play.

5150: Hammer & Anvil can be played in a variety of ways: • You can play as a Tank Commander with one vehicle.
• You can play as a Platoon Leader with a platoon of 3 - 5 vehicles. 
• You can play as a Company Commander with 2 or more platoons.
• You can play one-off battles.
• You can play a full campaign with up to ten scenarios.

The bottom line is you can play it any way you like, with any models or counters you like.


  1. I was hoping there would be some light mech rules. I guess tracked would be equivalent.

    1. That's what I would use. I'll be adding a free Lite Mech add-on in a few days.

  2. Tanks Ed!

    What can I say, it's early, and I'm ready to go on Christmas


  3. Excellent! Well be placing an order shortly!

  4. Looks Great!
    Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but are infantry squads supported in the rules or is it strictly Vehicle vs. Vehicle? If they are supported do they get counters as well?

    1. Detailed infantry rules are in 5150 Star Army 2nd Tour, but H&A does cover Anti-Tank teams if you choose to use them. What I do is each APC has a anti-tank team, I use the same counter. Hope this helps.

      There will be a set of rules coming out Hishen Wars that will have counters for infantry and Bugs.

  5. Great, now I get to update The Hungry to take into account the new vehicle rules.

    No, no – I'm really looking forward to that. [grin]

    1. Well wait a day or two and get the Mech rules for Hammer & Anvil. Just finishing them off.

    2. That's free Mech rules add on.