Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Latest Updated Edition of NUTS Releasing This Month. Huh?

"You mean NUTS Compendium, right?"
Not exactly. After finishing off Compendium, the book that takes all the rules from all the NUTS supplements putting them into one book, we realized that NUTS could use an update. There's been 30+ titles written since the lat version of NUTS and the newer streamlined mechanics in them were screaming to be added to NUTS.

So the latest updated version of NUTS will be coming out at the same time as the NUTS Compendium. Everything you'll need  will be in the two books allowing you to play any time, any where in WWII.

Watch for the release later this month.

Want a sneak peek? Here's the TOC for Compendium.  Here's more about the Compendium.


  1. You have just blown my mind. Wow!

  2. Argh only just bought it and now you come out with a new edition.............. (that's OK really I understand why)

    1. Yeah, but here's what we do. If you have purchased NUTS within a year of the new one being released, just email me and we give you a free PDF of the new one. And if you purchased the print copy, you can get a new one for a small cost plus shipping.

    2. Wow was not expecting that, serious customer service.

    3. I used to own a catering company up in WA so customer service is second nature to me.

    4. I've been with Ed & THW as a very satisfied customer since the very first version of Six Gun Sound came out (more than a few years ago). Not only does Ed provide great customer service - none better - I don't know of any game author who does so much to support the customers of all of the different games he has out. Whether it is a posted AAR with pics and a narrative to help explain the rules, free downloads of extra information or answers about the rules, he's the best.


  3. That Table of Contents is impressive! Looking forward to the updated rules.