Saturday, 8 July 2017

Fortunes Won & Lost now on Sale!

Bat Rep to follow as well as step-by-step AARs.

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  1. Please, what is the difference for Fortunes Won & Lost compared to Colonial adventures ?

    1. Where Colonial Adventures is about big battles with multiple units, FW&L centers around a small group of figures - up to six. It's more about your story. There's a system that tracks how you do in your career and how you end up in retirement from drunk and destitute living in squalor to promoted to a high level and living large, being well respected my all those that meet you.

      The army lists allow you to fight any nation whether historical or Imagi Nation gaming, like Lemuria is, by type and not historical limits. Have six different lists for European Adventures, European Civilians, European Military, Tribal Natives, Tribal Nomads, and Tribal Villagers..

      Quick and easy camapign system that drives the game along very quickly.

      Easier to learn and play mechanics that work with the current THW rules. Much smoother and streamlined. Colonial Adventures was the traditional wargame with larger and more units, this one is at a more personal level.

      Hope this makes sense.