Thursday, 1 June 2017

Great Hall Burning - Now on Sale!

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Fight at Sea - Great Hall Burning Bat Rep

Great Hall Burning is about action. Just as we don't waste time measuring the units as they move along the table, the same thing happens when at sea. You're in  command of the force, not piloting every ship. We assume that each ship's Captain will do their job and get their vessel along side of the enemy you want them to. Quicker into the action the more games you can play in the same day.
Rolf sets sail in the longship provided by the Captain. It's a small Class 1 ship (lowest of 3 Classes) with a Capacity of 8 figures (ships have a Capacity of 8, 12 or 16) . The good thing is it is highly maneuverable - Maneuver Rating 3 (ships have a Maneuver Rating of 1, 2 or 3).

Not long out at sea  an Anglo Saxon ships comes into view. It's a Class 2 with 12 figures on board. Rolf goes to the attack!

After the fight casualties are rolled for. The Freeman goes to Valhalla. 6 of the Anglo Saxons survive. 5 are ransomed at 1 Fame Point each, but the 6th isn't. Rolf offers him a chance to join the band. He accepts.
Rolf gains a total of 9 Fame points after the battle and now has his own ship  - a Class 2 ship with a larger capacity. He now has 20 Fame Points, his Social Standing increase to 4, and can now command 2 units.
Here's a picture of the actual counters used in the game. These are free and can be downloaded on the Great Hall Burning page when the ruels go on sale. For small combat there are individual counters, for ship battles the counters are numbered so each unit can fit on the ship card.