Sunday, 28 May 2017

Stand up Fight - For Glory and Fame!

After Rolf's successful Raid he would have a Stand Up Fight. For this the King gave him two additional units.

The picture shows the Anglo Saxons and Vikings deployed into sections. Movement is by sections and shooting can reach out to the adjacent section. This means no rulers, no measuring, no fidgeting with figures. For this fight I chose to use stand up paper figures. Great Hall Burning can be played with any figures so I wanted to show a fight using them.

Activation Dice are rolled, the Anglo Saxons act first. Rolling 1d6 for each unit on the Non-Player Force Movement Table tells me what they will do. This works great for solo and same side gaming. I will be controlling Rolf, the Star on the Viking side, so even the Viking units will roll to see how they behave. 

The Anglo Saxon Archers can fire and shoot at the Viking Archers. They roll 1d6 for each figure firing (6) and miss!

This allows the Vikings to return fire and they do  - scoring 2 casualties.

The casualties are laid down and the Anglo Saxon Archers take the Will to Fight Test. They pass 2d6 and carry on.

The Anglo Saxon Fyrd (Rep 4) remain in place as they passed 0d6, but the Hirdsmen (Rep 5) advance into section 5 - towards Rolf and his Huscarl (Rep 5) unit.

As the Anglo Saxons have finished, the Vikings roll on the Non-Player Force Movement Table. As Rolf is my Star I can choose what to do and that's attack! The Huscarls charge the Hirdsmen. When units square off each rolls 1d6. If doubles are rolled the Leaders will enter Heroic Combat - individual combat - while their respective units watch. This didn't happen so melee begins. Each unit suffers one casualty to start.

Each figure rolls 1d6 versus its Rep.

Those passing 1d6 roll 1d6 versus the Armor Class of the target. Beat the AC and a casualty is scored. The maximum casualties that can be scored from the difference in casualties is two. In this case the Anglo Saxons score one extra casualty. If a unit takes a casualty roll 1d6 - score a 6 and the Leader is Out of the Fight. Didn't happen this time.

Both units take the Will to Fight Test - pass 2d6, and carry on. When either activates the melee will continue.

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  1. I'm liking this revised combat system the more I get my head round it.