Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Stand Up Fight - For Glory and Fame - Part Two

Part One
As the Viking Freemen failed to move on their Activation as they failed their roll on the Non-Player Force Movement Table, it's time for the next turn.

 Activation Dice are rolled and the Anglo Saxons go first. The Fyrd roll on the Non-Player Force Table and move towards the closest enemy - they charge into the melee between the Hirdsmen and Huscarls. This also requires the leaders to roll to check for Heroic Combat - and they all score a 3! The Fyrd Leader and Rolf square off, and Rolf wins.

 The Hirdsmen Leader now squares off with Rolf and dies under the Viking blade! 

 Melee continues, the Huscarls take two casualties - one from each unit they are fighting and the Fyrd and Hirdsmen take one each.

 Dice are rolled and casualties exchanged. 

 Time to take the Will to Fight Tests.

The Hirdsmen and Huscarls both have two of their figures run off and each falls back to lick their wounds. Rolf to section 8 and the Hirdsmen to section 5. The Fyrd test next and being leaderless rout from the table!

 The Archers exchange fire and the Anglo Saxons suffer casualties, forcing them to join the rout.

 Vikings turn to activate. Rolf joins the Freemen unit and leads them in a charge against the weakened Hirdsmen. No leader is with the unit so no Heroic Combat is rolled for.

 Each unit loses a figure to start and the melee is a massacre. 

The last Hirdsmen goes down and the Vikings are victorious! 

Rolf rolls to recover his Huscarls and five of the seven return, two going to Valhalla.

Rolf gains 6 Fame Points - 3 for the victory and 3 for vanquishing the 3 enemy units. This gives him 12 for his career. He doesn't warrant a promotion, but he did get the use of a longship from interacting with a Captain back in Skoro.

Time to recruit more men!

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