Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Skoro - The pre-generated town in Great Hall Burning.

After the Stand Up Fight, Rolf's Huscarl unit was reduced from eight to six figures. He has the use of a longship, but needs to recruit more men to take full advantage of it. How do you do that? Go Carousing in the town of Skoro, included in Great Hall Burning.

Skoro is the Viking Town in Danish Mercia where your RPG Lite adventures will take place. If you want to you can also use it for another Viking Town, ruled by a different King or even tweak it for the other countries. It’s your game so play it like you want!

Skoro has four areas for you to visit. Here’s how we do it:
·        Each month, instead of a Battle, you can choose to visit one or more areas of Skoro, but never twice in the same month.   
·        There is no map, so just decide where and in what order you visit the town.
Skoro is divided into the following four areas:
·        Docks.
·        Great Hall.
·        Homes.
·        The Market.

Each area has it's own table for generating the Non-Player Grunts you can meet - from the King down to Civilians. Rolf chooses to return to the Docks hoping to recruit some soldiers. In  Great  Hall Burning you can choose to build your unit from the different Classes - Melee and Missile. Rolf is hoping for Huscarls, but will settle for anyone he can recruit.

The Carousing Encounter lets you do this. Follow the link and see what happened.

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