Saturday, 27 May 2017

Great Hall Burning - Step by Step - Rolf's Campaign

Raid.In Great Hall Burning there are two Campaigns. A small one where it's localized and player's choose their enemy and battles and the Grand Campaign where all the work is done for you, battles generated, and enemies actively follow their own agendas run by the game mechanics. I decided to use the smaller one for Rolf, my Viking Star. Here's his stats:
Rep 5
Melee Class
Armor Class
Country of Danish Mercia
These stats I chose.

Social Standing 3. Rolf begins the game with this.

Rolled randomly he is in command of  one Rep 5 AC 4 Huscarl Melee Class unit.
6 Rep 5 Grunts and 1 Rep 4 Grunt for a total of a 7 man unit.

It's Spring 855 AD.
Viking Campaign Morale is 4 with the Conquest modifier.
I rolled to see who the Vikings were attacking - English Mercia. The Anglo Saxons objective is to hold their terrain.

Rolf's first Battle was a Scouting expedition into English Mercia. It was very uneventful, but Rolf gained 1 Fame Point.  Later he went to the town of Skoro - a pre-generated town used in Great Hall Burning that allows your Star to Interact with game run Non-Player Grunts, from King to Civilian and four other Professions in between. Rolf picked up 2 more Fame Points and met a Captain that would allow him the use of a Longboat. Great Hall Burning also has rules for naval combat as well as color counters.

Here's info on Rolf's Raid.

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