Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Great Hall Burning - Carousing in Skoro

Part One

Rolf has decided he will go down to the Docks and attempt to recruit more men for his unit. To do this we use the Carousing Encounter. Here's how easy it is.
  1. You can take some of your existing unit with you if you want. How many? Roll 1/2d6 and subtract that from your rating. In this case Rolf could have 2 figures in his group, including himself.
  2. You will have three contacts with NPCs - the first outside on the street and the other two inside a building.
  3. Roll 2d6 on the NPCs Location Table under the correct area.  Rolf has met Warriors outside of a Tavern. You can choose any building you want.
  4. Roll 1d6 on the How Many of Them Table - NPCs. Rolf scores a 4 - he has met two Warriors.
  5. Rolling on the Viking Army List Rolf has met a Rep 4 AC 2 Freeman and a Rep 3 AC 2 Freeman.
Rolf can now interact with them. Each Class has its own NPC Interaction Table. Rolf rolls 2d6 versus Rep and the Leader of the two Warriors rolls the same. Rolf could Sweet Talk them but at the cost of one Fame Point. He decides not to. Both pass 2d6 - The Warriors acknowledge Rolf, but that's it.

Once inside you get two more contacts. Following the same procedure Rolf meets:

1 Huscarl (Rep 5) with 1 Archer (Rep 4) and 1 Freeman (Rep 4). This could be interesting. Time to Interact and Rolf sweetens the deal by spending 2 Fame points and will now roll 4d6.  Rolf passes 4d6 the Huscarl 2d6. Rolf's Fame drops to 10. Rolf does gain 1 Fame point for the successful Interaction. The good news is the Freeman and Archer will join the group, the Huscarl will not.
Rolf tells the two to meet him at the longship later this month.

Time for the third and final contact. Rolf meets two more Warriors, another Huscarl and a Freeman. He chooses to roll 2d6 and is not successful in recruiting anyone else. Rolf now has the following:

Rolf Rep 5 0 Social Standing 3 Fame 11.
5 Huscarls Rep 5
1 Freeman Rep 4
1 Archer Rep 4

The unit is mixed with different Classes and Reps, but that doesn't matter as Great Hall Burning takes this into account for melee, shooting, movement, and morale. On to the ship! 

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