Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Great Hall Burning - Carousing in Skoro

Part One

Rolf has decided he will go down to the Docks and attempt to recruit more men for his unit. To do this we use the Carousing Encounter. Here's how easy it is.
  1. You can take some of your existing unit with you if you want. How many? Roll 1/2d6 and subtract that from your rating. In this case Rolf could have 2 figures in his group, including himself.
  2. You will have three contacts with NPCs - the first outside on the street and the other two inside a building.
  3. Roll 2d6 on the NPCs Location Table under the correct area.  Rolf has met Warriors outside of a Tavern. You can choose any building you want.
  4. Roll 1d6 on the How Many of Them Table - NPCs. Rolf scores a 4 - he has met two Warriors.
  5. Rolling on the Viking Army List Rolf has met a Rep 4 AC 2 Freeman and a Rep 3 AC 2 Freeman.
Rolf can now interact with them. Each Class has its own NPC Interaction Table. Rolf rolls 2d6 versus Rep and the Leader of the two Warriors rolls the same. Rolf could Sweet Talk them but at the cost of one Fame Point. He decides not to. Both pass 2d6 - The Warriors acknowledge Rolf, but that's it.

Once inside you get two more contacts. Following the same procedure Rolf meets:

1 Huscarl (Rep 5) with 1 Archer (Rep 4) and 1 Freeman (Rep 4). This could be interesting. Time to Interact and Rolf sweetens the deal by spending 2 Fame points and will now roll 4d6.  Rolf passes 4d6 the Huscarl 2d6. Rolf's Fame drops to 10. Rolf does gain 1 Fame point for the successful Interaction. The good news is the Freeman and Archer will join the group, the Huscarl will not.
Rolf tells the two to meet him at the longship later this month.

Time for the third and final contact. Rolf meets two more Warriors, another Huscarl and a Freeman. He chooses to roll 2d6 and is not successful in recruiting anyone else. Rolf now has the following:

Rolf Rep 5 0 Social Standing 3 Fame 11.
5 Huscarls Rep 5
1 Freeman Rep 4
1 Archer Rep 4

The unit is mixed with different Classes and Reps, but that doesn't matter as Great Hall Burning takes this into account for melee, shooting, movement, and morale. On to the ship! 

Skoro - The pre-generated town in Great Hall Burning.

After the Stand Up Fight, Rolf's Huscarl unit was reduced from eight to six figures. He has the use of a longship, but needs to recruit more men to take full advantage of it. How do you do that? Go Carousing in the town of Skoro, included in Great Hall Burning.

Skoro is the Viking Town in Danish Mercia where your RPG Lite adventures will take place. If you want to you can also use it for another Viking Town, ruled by a different King or even tweak it for the other countries. It’s your game so play it like you want!

Skoro has four areas for you to visit. Here’s how we do it:
·        Each month, instead of a Battle, you can choose to visit one or more areas of Skoro, but never twice in the same month.   
·        There is no map, so just decide where and in what order you visit the town.
Skoro is divided into the following four areas:
·        Docks.
·        Great Hall.
·        Homes.
·        The Market.

Each area has it's own table for generating the Non-Player Grunts you can meet - from the King down to Civilians. Rolf chooses to return to the Docks hoping to recruit some soldiers. In  Great  Hall Burning you can choose to build your unit from the different Classes - Melee and Missile. Rolf is hoping for Huscarls, but will settle for anyone he can recruit.

The Carousing Encounter lets you do this. Follow the link and see what happened.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Stand Up Fight - For Glory and Fame - Part Two

Part One
As the Viking Freemen failed to move on their Activation as they failed their roll on the Non-Player Force Movement Table, it's time for the next turn.

 Activation Dice are rolled and the Anglo Saxons go first. The Fyrd roll on the Non-Player Force Table and move towards the closest enemy - they charge into the melee between the Hirdsmen and Huscarls. This also requires the leaders to roll to check for Heroic Combat - and they all score a 3! The Fyrd Leader and Rolf square off, and Rolf wins.

 The Hirdsmen Leader now squares off with Rolf and dies under the Viking blade! 

 Melee continues, the Huscarls take two casualties - one from each unit they are fighting and the Fyrd and Hirdsmen take one each.

 Dice are rolled and casualties exchanged. 

 Time to take the Will to Fight Tests.

The Hirdsmen and Huscarls both have two of their figures run off and each falls back to lick their wounds. Rolf to section 8 and the Hirdsmen to section 5. The Fyrd test next and being leaderless rout from the table!

 The Archers exchange fire and the Anglo Saxons suffer casualties, forcing them to join the rout.

 Vikings turn to activate. Rolf joins the Freemen unit and leads them in a charge against the weakened Hirdsmen. No leader is with the unit so no Heroic Combat is rolled for.

 Each unit loses a figure to start and the melee is a massacre. 

The last Hirdsmen goes down and the Vikings are victorious! 

Rolf rolls to recover his Huscarls and five of the seven return, two going to Valhalla.

Rolf gains 6 Fame Points - 3 for the victory and 3 for vanquishing the 3 enemy units. This gives him 12 for his career. He doesn't warrant a promotion, but he did get the use of a longship from interacting with a Captain back in Skoro.

Time to recruit more men!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Stand up Fight - For Glory and Fame!

After Rolf's successful Raid he would have a Stand Up Fight. For this the King gave him two additional units.

The picture shows the Anglo Saxons and Vikings deployed into sections. Movement is by sections and shooting can reach out to the adjacent section. This means no rulers, no measuring, no fidgeting with figures. For this fight I chose to use stand up paper figures. Great Hall Burning can be played with any figures so I wanted to show a fight using them.

Activation Dice are rolled, the Anglo Saxons act first. Rolling 1d6 for each unit on the Non-Player Force Movement Table tells me what they will do. This works great for solo and same side gaming. I will be controlling Rolf, the Star on the Viking side, so even the Viking units will roll to see how they behave. 

The Anglo Saxon Archers can fire and shoot at the Viking Archers. They roll 1d6 for each figure firing (6) and miss!

This allows the Vikings to return fire and they do  - scoring 2 casualties.

The casualties are laid down and the Anglo Saxon Archers take the Will to Fight Test. They pass 2d6 and carry on.

The Anglo Saxon Fyrd (Rep 4) remain in place as they passed 0d6, but the Hirdsmen (Rep 5) advance into section 5 - towards Rolf and his Huscarl (Rep 5) unit.

As the Anglo Saxons have finished, the Vikings roll on the Non-Player Force Movement Table. As Rolf is my Star I can choose what to do and that's attack! The Huscarls charge the Hirdsmen. When units square off each rolls 1d6. If doubles are rolled the Leaders will enter Heroic Combat - individual combat - while their respective units watch. This didn't happen so melee begins. Each unit suffers one casualty to start.

Each figure rolls 1d6 versus its Rep.

Those passing 1d6 roll 1d6 versus the Armor Class of the target. Beat the AC and a casualty is scored. The maximum casualties that can be scored from the difference in casualties is two. In this case the Anglo Saxons score one extra casualty. If a unit takes a casualty roll 1d6 - score a 6 and the Leader is Out of the Fight. Didn't happen this time.

Both units take the Will to Fight Test - pass 2d6, and carry on. When either activates the melee will continue.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Great Hall Burning - Step by Step - Rolf's Campaign

Raid.In Great Hall Burning there are two Campaigns. A small one where it's localized and player's choose their enemy and battles and the Grand Campaign where all the work is done for you, battles generated, and enemies actively follow their own agendas run by the game mechanics. I decided to use the smaller one for Rolf, my Viking Star. Here's his stats:
Rep 5
Melee Class
Armor Class
Country of Danish Mercia
These stats I chose.

Social Standing 3. Rolf begins the game with this.

Rolled randomly he is in command of  one Rep 5 AC 4 Huscarl Melee Class unit.
6 Rep 5 Grunts and 1 Rep 4 Grunt for a total of a 7 man unit.

It's Spring 855 AD.
Viking Campaign Morale is 4 with the Conquest modifier.
I rolled to see who the Vikings were attacking - English Mercia. The Anglo Saxons objective is to hold their terrain.

Rolf's first Battle was a Scouting expedition into English Mercia. It was very uneventful, but Rolf gained 1 Fame Point.  Later he went to the town of Skoro - a pre-generated town used in Great Hall Burning that allows your Star to Interact with game run Non-Player Grunts, from King to Civilian and four other Professions in between. Rolf picked up 2 more Fame Points and met a Captain that would allow him the use of a Longboat. Great Hall Burning also has rules for naval combat as well as color counters.

Here's info on Rolf's Raid.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Great Hall Burning - Raid!

"You all know how this works… If you want to be King, you must kill me."

 - Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings.

Great Hall Burning is the upcoming Viking Age rules set coming out next week. Inside you'll find a full Campaign System, ways for your Star to become King - it will be hard, but it IS possible. Rules for unit combat as well as Heroic Combat for smaller games. Units range from 4 to 12 figures and the game can be played with any minis, counters (we've provided over 200 PnP counters if you need them), and even with paper and pencil. Heck, this Battle report is in Power Point!

Click the pics for the full story.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

15mm Sci Fi Buildings - What do YOU want to see?

I've finalized a deal with a manufacturer to produce a line of 15mm sci fi buildings. What do YOU  want to see?

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

New Pricing! All You Need to Get into Star Army - 28mm Minis for Sale

SOLD - I have the following minis for sale, I don't know the manufacturer, but they can be used for:

 Star Army 


 Exo-Armor Star Army  

PDF or Free Company Mercs  

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Great Hall Burning - How's the Campaign Work?

Like so many other THW games, we've added a Campaign to Great Hall Burning to tie your battles together. Here's the easy to track map we'll be using.

There are 12 Kingdoms that you can choose from to be your Home. "And I'm the King, right?" Good one! No, you start out as the Leader of one unit of Melee Troops - 8 figures.

From there the King - not you, not yet - decides who's Going to War. Once that's established you move into the opposing country or maybe they move into your country if they declared war on you.

All battles are fought in the country until one side or the other surrenders and is annexed.

"When am I the King?"

All in due time, IF you do well. More to come.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Great Hall Burning - More info

"You all know how this works… If you want to be King, you must kill me."

 - Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings.

Click the image to enlarge.