Wednesday, 22 November 2017

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Monday, 20 November 2017

5150 Bug Wars

Coming to Kickstarter in January, 5150 Bug Wars is the first of a number of joint projects from THW and Acheson Creations. Acheson Creations has a long history of quality minis and terrain pieces including a number of fulfilled Kickstarter projects. It's latest one being Kongo Afrika  compatible with Fortunes Won and Lost, Lemuria, and Mission St. Mary.

So what is 5150 Bug Wars? 15mm Bugs and Star Army figures along with a modular resin tunnel system. Here's a peak from a game we played at Millennium Con earlier this month.

Each player - there were six, had one Star and three Star Army Grunts. After a few turns above ground the Bug Hole was found. A quick roll of the dice produced 19 Bugs to face the 16 troopers.

 After a quick fight the Bugs withdrew with a couple of Grunts as casualties.

 Three of the players dropped into the first tunnel. Each tunnel piece is roughly 3"x 5".

 The Bugs fit three across. Each time you enter a new tunnel section roll to see what tunnel sections are adjacent and you resolve a PEF for each one.

 When meeting Bugs just place them in the adjacent section and roll to see who acts first. Shooting is easy, just roll for each trooper, total the number of Bugs killed or out of the fight, flip them over and tag them. Those left over, if they pass the Will to Fight Test, are moved into melee.

There are between 7 to 9 different tiles currently in the system with more being added for the Kickstarter, There are straight pieces, turns, T-junctions, egg chambers, dead ends, and more. With a tunnel hole section you can drop down levels.

When you reach a section with more than one opening you resolve a PEF for each section.

 This could result in Bugs coming at you from different directions.

 The Kickstarter will include BUGS, Star Army figures, tunnel sections and rules. 
Watch for news of 5150 Bug Wars and its companion game next month and in January.

Monday, 23 October 2017

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Monday, 16 October 2017

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

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Thursday, 14 September 2017

NUTS 4th Edition and Compendium Now On Sale!

Any Fight...Anywhere... Any Time

The NUTS Compendium - the perfect compliment to NUTS. With NUTS and NUTS Compendium you can play any battle in WWII from anywhere and any time.

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Any Fight...Anywhere... Any Time

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Before Chain Reaction there was...Guns & Girls?!

Yep, back in 2002 the second set of rules we came out with was called Guns & Girls. The cover caused quite the stir back then. So much that I produced a replacement book called...Chain Reaction. 

New cover was a target with bullet holes and blood. That was okay.
YOU can download a free copy of it here. Great to see how the mechanics have evolved over 15 years...holy %$#*! 15 years!

Did you buy NUTS Final Version this year?

Well if you bought it through the THW website or RPGNow/Wargames Vault, we'll give you a free replacement of the new one coming out later this month. 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

NUTS Compendium - What is it?


The NUTS Compendium contains a series of rules that can enhance and customize your NUTS games and campaigns, allowing you to run scenarios from the blazing hot deserts of North Africa to the frozen steppes of Russia. We’ve gathered the rules from all the supplements and scenario books and brought them together in one place. These are all optional rules; you do not need this book to play NUTS.
However, you must have the core NUTS game in order to use this book and a familiarity with the basic mechanics of those rules.
The rules in this book loosely follow the same organizational style as the NUTS rulebook.

All About the Story

How do you like your games? I like mine with a smaller number of figures and on a personal level. Personal level; what does that mean? Let me explain.
Each game I use the same figures for my squad and label them alphabetically. Now here’s where it gets personal.
I make the Leader, the Star, me. Then I name each of the individual figures – squad members – after my high school or college chums. Now the guy on point isn’t some non-descript figure, it’s Jerome. Now the figure going Out of the Fight or worse is one of my old friends. This puts my games into a different perspective and makes me think twice before sending them across an open field to face an MG 42.
Now that my games are personal, it’s more about the Story. About the exploits of me and my friends and that’s where NUTS Compendium really shines. By picking and choosing what rules to use with NUTS I can make the Story, my Story, as detailed as I want. I can even back off on using some of the rules when I want then add them back in at a later date. Why; because it’s my game.

What will your games be like?

Latest Updated Edition of NUTS Releasing This Month. Huh?

"You mean NUTS Compendium, right?"
Not exactly. After finishing off Compendium, the book that takes all the rules from all the NUTS supplements putting them into one book, we realized that NUTS could use an update. There's been 30+ titles written since the lat version of NUTS and the newer streamlined mechanics in them were screaming to be added to NUTS.

So the latest updated version of NUTS will be coming out at the same time as the NUTS Compendium. Everything you'll need  will be in the two books allowing you to play any time, any where in WWII.

Watch for the release later this month.

Want a sneak peek? Here's the TOC for Compendium.  Here's more about the Compendium.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Who's Eating the Chicken? - Lovecraft's Revenge AAR

Lovecraft's Revenge AAR

Excellent stuff, check it out.

NUTS AAR - Tank vs. Tank - How To Part Two - Finale

Part One

Here's Part Two of the How To tank AAR from NUTS Final Version.

The whole game took 15 minutes to play. Once you have played a few games you can play very quickly as the tables are easy to memorize. 
Now about the tables.

There are a few more tables than you will find in other rule sets. This is because we've made all THW games playable solo with mechanics that give you realistic results. No drawing cards to see when the enemy moves, or "making the best decision", and we limit the knowledge of what you will run into every game. It requires about three additional tables and some dice roiling, but the results speak for themselves. 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

NUTS AAR - Tank vs. Tank - How To Part One

Here's a step by step How To using tanks. In NUTS each crew member of each vehicle has its own Rep (a number used to see how well he does his job) and a job. 

Tank Commander -  Direct the Driver how to move, take the In Sight - acquire the target, fire the AA MG when not buttoned up, and take the vehicle Crisis (morale ) Test.

Gunner - Fire the Main Gun and coaxial MG.

Loader - Reloads the Main Gun and clears or reloads the coaxial MG.

Driver - Takes the Run Over and Lose Control Driving Tests when needed.

Bow Gunner - Operates the Hull MG.

If casualties occur, crew members may be forced to switch positions, often doing two or more jobs at the same time.

Once the opposing forces are out of side, the activation phase for the active side ends an d we go to the next group. In this case, the 2nd PEF. 

Part 2 

Monday, 14 August 2017

NUTS Final Version Step by Step How to - Final

Part Two

That ends the fight. Total time was about ten minutes. As you play it more and more the games will go faster as most of the tables are easily memorized.

There was still one PDF to resolve, and it was resolved as nothing. As you are guaranteed at least one contact with the enemy, and it had already occurred, the Mission was over...or was it?

As the Patrol hadn't been finished Activation dice are still rolled and if 7 come up there's chance that the Germans could receive Reinforcements. They didn't. 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

NUTS Final Version Step by Step How to - Part Two

Part One

The combat took 5 minutes. During that time:
1 -  The Germans were contacted and placed on the table.
2 - In Sight was rolled to see who would fire first.
3 - The Germans fired.
4 - Casualties were given out and morale check.
5 - The Americans returned fire.
6 - The Germans took casualties and checked morale - Ducking Back out of sight.

This completed the German portion of the turn.

 Part 3 - the finale!

Quarters - Now on Sale

Quarters the game of Quarter Horse Racing is now on sale. It's a great intro and family game. Play it as is or play it with your Pulp, Fantasy, and 5150 RPG Lite games to increase your Stories. 

Play it any way you like, just play it!

More Info

Saturday, 12 August 2017

NUTS Final Version Step by Step How to - Part One

NUTS Final Version is a Squad based game with each figure representing one man. Inside the book we've included a Step by Step section to get you going.

I'll use it to show you how it works.

1 - Create my Star - I am the Star, the Squad Leader. Rep 5 (how good I am from 3 to 5).  As a Star I get and my two Attributes - one I roll randomly and the other I can choose. These are traits that affect how the figure fights, shoots, takes Reaction Tests and more.  For this How To I'll be using a Rep 5 Leader without Attributes as they are optional.

2 - Decide who's fighting - I choose to play Americans and the Germans as my opponents. I'll only use 4 figures for this demo, normal squads are from 7 to 12.

3 - Create the sqaud members - I roll on the American Army List to get the Reps of the other 3 squad members. I have two Rep 4s and one Rep 3.  For ease of play I'll make all the Germans I run into Rep 4.

4 - Check Campaign Morale - I check the Campaign Morale of each side (4). Campaign Morale is used after each Mission.

5 - Check Investment Levels - I check for the Investment :Level of each side - how important the area of operations is to each side. The higher the level, the greater chance of Reinforcements during the game. Both sides start with a 3, but as the first Mission is always a Patrol, it's reduced by 1.

The whole process took 5 minutes.

Your 1st Mission in the Campaign is always a Patrol.