Friday, 16 September 2016

Misadventures in Little Hisha - Back Alleys Bright Lights AAR

Steve and I played a session of Back Alleys Bright Lights. Here's what happened, to the best of my memory. Steve played a Rep 5 Star Bounty Hunter. We played 3 weeks in the campaign and had five or six specific Encounters in addition to resolving over 30 PEFs. Interacting with the NPCs resulted in him making new Friends, new Enemies, numerous Confrontations, accepting a few Job Offers, and a change in Rep from 5 to 4, back to 5, then up to 6. And all in a couple of hours. 
In Back Alleys Bright Lights you can resolve as many PEFs as you want, possibly have at least one Involuntary Encounter, and as many Voluntary Encounters as you want.
"Ashlynn! You got that copy!"
"One minute boss," she replied as she typed in the last few words."Here you go."
Tekloff skimmed through the copy, punctuating his work with an occasional "Hmmph" and  "Bahh". "I can't use this stuff."
 "How about the gang related gunfight  between the Lycaons and Hishen?"
"The Hishen Sales Clerk beaten, then shot?"
"How about the Fezglok Tavern Owner that was shot for refusing to pay extortion?"
"Any arrests made?"
"No, but they brought in a Bounty Hunter for questioning."
"No, no, no. I need something out of the ordinary."
"Fine, I'll work on it. Give me three hours".
"You got two, now get out of here!"

Ashlynn stepped out of the Post and entered the street. She needed a story and she needed one fast. Smiling, she reached into her pocket and pulled out her Comm-Link.
"Pick up," she said to herself," Pick up."
A groggy male voice on the other end answered," Hello?"
"Billy, it's Ashlynn... I need a favor." 


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  1. The sales clerk was asking for what he deserved...