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2d6 Crossover - Link 2d6 Sword and Sorcery with 2d6 Sci-Fi Combat!

Available now for free.
 Download it here.

As 2d6 Sword & Sorcery and 2d6 Sci Fi Combat share similar mechanics, I thought we could use a Crossover doc that allows you to combine them. This lets you blend Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Modern/Historical time periods together.

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5150 Back Alleys Bright Lights Step by Step Part 4 - Encounters

Being Billy Pink
“I thought you were a lame ass LWC, but you’re a hard core criminal,” she said.

“A criminal is someone who gets caught. I’m an artist,” Billy replied.                                                        

Billy Pink is a recurring character in Two Hour Wargames rules and battle reports. He made his first appearance in 2009 in a play test for the original 5150. Here is a link to that battle report and a few more. Since I wanted to show a sample adventure for Back Alleys, Bright Lights, I figured I’d use Billy.  Here are Billy’s stats:
·        Basic.

·        Rep 5.

·        Exotic – Bounty Hunter.(1)

·        Defensive Value 3.

·        Two Pistols.

·        Cunning.
 (1) Billy will take a variety of Jobs, not only Bounties, but this Profession is closest to what he actually does.

The tiles can be set up anyway you like. I decided to place the Transit Station in the center.
Billy gets a message that he has a Job Offer from a Smuggler. He wants to interview Billy today at a Green in Little Hisha. As Billy lives in another Area of NHC, he takes the transit into Little Hisha. When Billy gets off at the Transit Station, it’s Daytime. He makes his way through the crowd and into the street.

1st week of the month:

·        Roll for an Involuntary Encounter (page 35).

·        Score a Job Offer (page 39).

·        Roll on the Employer Table (page 39). Got a result of Smuggler (page 58).

·        Roll on the What Building Table (page 54).

·        Score a “2” – Green and Daytime (page 39).

·        Defining Moment (page 23) when reach Transit Station.

·        Resolve PEF (page 23) as no Contact.

·        Billy now enters the Street.

Billy enters the street and runs into Noel, a Net Runner (page 58) and two of her friends. Billy knows Noel from a previous job. He asks her if she has any work lined up, but she says no.

He asks her if she wants to go Chillin’ later that night. She says sure and they make plans to meet up later. They shoot the breeze a bit longer then he says he needs to get going.

Looking on City Tile, I see the closest Green is across the street from the Transit Station.

·        Enter the Street (page 22) and resolve a PEF (page 23) as Contact.

·        Roll 1d6 and score a “6”. There will be 3 NPCs.

·        Roll 2d6 on the same table and score a “7” – “3 & 4”. Billy has met a Friend.

·        Roll 2d6 on the Who Are They – Outside Table (page 55) and score Criminal Element.

·        Roll 2d6 on the NPCs Criminal Element & Exotics Table (page 55) and meet a Net Runner (page 8).

·        Roll 1d6 on the NPC Net Runner Table (page 58) and score a Basic Female.

·        Roll 1d6 for each of the other NPCs and score a Ganger and a Thief.

·        Roll for Interaction with the Net Runner (page 67).

·        Pass more d6, possible Job Offer, but score a 3, no offer.

·        Gain 1 Increasing Rep d6.

·        Roll on the Interaction Table (page 63) again to see if Noel wants to go Chilin’ later – Further Interaction (page 35).

·        Pass more d6 and she agrees.

·        Billy now enters the Green.

 Billy sees the Smuggler sitting at a table. Billy orders a cup of Green and waits for it to be made. While waiting, a Sales Clerk sparks up a conversation.

After a couple of minutes, Billy’s drink is ready and he makes his way over to the table where the Smuggler is sitting.
The Smuggler offers Billy a Job; he needs someone to raid a Dealer who double-crossed him. He needs you to get back a list of items. He offers you some decent wages, but Billy decides to pass. Billy tells him he’s not into that kind of Job any more, but he tells the Smuggler to keep him in mind if something else comes up. The Smuggler finishes his drink and leaves.


·        Have Defining Moment (page 23) for entering the Building.

·        Resolve a PEF (page 23) as Contact.

·        Roll 1d6 and score a “3”. There will be 1 NPC.

·        Roll 2d6 on the same table and score a “10”; they’ve never met before. 

·        Roll 1d6 on the NPCs, Flop House, Green, & Grocery Table (page 55).

·        Score a “4” and meet a Sales Clerk (page 8).

·        Roll on the Sales Clerk Table (page 57) and score a Geenx (page 4).

·        Roll for Interaction with the Sales Clerk (page 68).

·        Pass more d6 and have favorable result. Geenx leaves.

·        Gain 1 Increasing Rep d6, that makes 2 so far.

·        Roll on the What is the Job Table (page 40).

·        Score a result of Raid.

·        Billy decides not to take the job.

·        Billy stays until the next Day Part (page 14).


Billy decides to wait at the Green until it’s time to meet Noel. Not much happens; he has another drink, and then leaves, as its getting dark. 
Billy goes across the street to the next block towards Bailey’s, a Tavern. Outside he bumps into an Escort. They talk for a bit, he says thanks, but no thanks as he’s in a hurry.  Billy enters the Tavern, then realizes she has picked his pocket!

Noel comes in and they have a few drinks.
During the evening, Billy and Noel meet different people, but no one that stands out. Billy and Noel leave, he’ll walk her home, and then catch the transit out.
Except someone is waiting outside for them.

·        On the Street Billy resolves a PEF.

·        Resolve a PEF (page 23) as Contact.

·        Roll 1d6 and score a “3”. There will be 1 NPC.

·        Roll 2d6 on the same table and score a “10”; they’ve never met before. 

·        Roll 1d6 on the NPCs Table (page 55).

·        Score a “6” and meet an Escort (page 8).

·        Roll on the Escort Table (page 58) and score a Razor (page 6).

·        Roll for Interaction with the Escort (page 65).

·        Pass same d6. Unfortunately, the Razor is Cunning so it counts as pass less d6.

·        This means she ditches Billy and he Gains ½d6 Decreasing Rep d6 (3).

·        This removes the 2 Increasing Rep d6 so leaves Billy with 1 Decreasing Rep d6. The Razor counts as an Enemy for future meetings.

·        Noel shows up.

·        Billy decides to Interact with two more NPCs, but meets no one memorable.

·        Billy and Noel leave the Tavern.