Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Nuts! Big Battles – Sneak Peek #2 : In Sight

In Sight tests in NBB are a little different to what you may be used to in Nuts! Final Edition or Chain Reaction 2015, but the principal remains the same. Lets walk through a standard In Sight Test.

A German Platoon (Rep 4) on patrol in the Normandy bocage stumbles upon a unit of US Infantry (also Rep 4). Achtung!

The Germans come into view...

As in other THW rules, the moving unit may move an additional 2" before the test is taken. The Germans move out into the open, confident that they have the edge over the Americans.

...then move a further 2" into position...

To take the In Sight Test, both sides roll 2d6 vs their Rep, then compare the results - the side that passes the most dice will act first, with a tie going to the stationary side.

...but the watchful GIs are ready for them!

The Americans pass 2d6, whilst the Germans pass only 1d6 - the Americans will open fire first!

As with all of the tests in NBB, the In Sight Test is quick and simple, so the focus stays on the action.

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