Wednesday, 31 August 2016

2d6 Sword & Sorcery/ 2d6 Sci Fi Combat Crossover - Part Two

Part One

The next PEF resolved as a Minotaur (Rep 6) with two Beastmen Grunts (Rep 4). The Mintoaur gained the Advantage and charged. Leonidas Jones (Rep 5 Star) fired and took out his enemy.
The other Beastman charged and killed the human Grunt.
The Minotaur, after an extended seeing Billy Pink using Star Power twice, knocked Billy Out of the Fight.

 Leonidas, being a Star, chose to continue the fight. Activating he fired at the Minotaur, causing it to Duck Back.
 The last Beastman charged Leonidas, but was cut down - Obviously Dead. The Minotaur recovered from Duck Back and after another extended melee where Leonidas used Star Power twice, was defeated - Out of the Fight.
 After passing a Recovery Test, Billy Pink and Leonidas continued through the dungeon. They ran into a Goblin Caster with two Gobbos and after a fight...
 The Gobbos were defeated.

 Unfortunately, the next PEF was resolved as two Giant Serpents, who succeeded in knocking both Stars Out of the Fight - even after using Star Power.
Both chose to use the Cheating Death rule and were whisked away, but had their Reps reduced to 4.

When the Minotaur won the melee I used Star Power and after the Serpents beat both Stars I went to the Cheating Death Rule. Although not in either 2d6 rules, it will be in the Crossover!  : ) 




  1. Looks fun will have to check it out - do you publish this yourself?

    1. Yes indeed. One of the free rules from the company - Two Hour Wargames.