Friday, 27 May 2016

You're Going to Want This! NUTS Supplement

Italy After Normandy - You're going to want this one. Here's why!

I have to thank John Paul (the author) for riding this one out. Right about the time he finished the manuscript for the first time, I came out with NUTS Final Version. Without a word, he took the manuscript back and re-did it to work with the new version of NUTS.

When I got it back, there were loads of manuscripts in the queue ahead of it. Unfazed, John Paul hung in there and thanks to him for doing it. Why?

Because this is, a great supplement. 

John Paul has brought a level of reality to NUTS that has never been seen before. By adding new mechanics, he’s made NUTs “personal” and they’re a better set of rules for it.
So once again, thank you sir; much appreciated.

Watch for battle reports in the next few days.

IAN is not for sale yet.


  1. can these new "realistic rules" be applied to Nuts core rules?

    1. Yes, they will with the last two versions. The way it works you start as a Star Rep 4 Private in the 1st squad of a platoon. The missions are tied together, what happens in one fight affects the next. Replacements, medals, ways to improve and gain Attributes are covered.
      NUTS already has realistic combat and morale rules. What IAN does is add the personal element, like in Band of Brothers. There's even rules for being on leave - R&R. I'll be doing a step by step reports pretty soon.

    2. We start as a Private in a squad? REP4 is no big deal but if we start private, we then to work our way up to "standard Nuts!" squad leader and then platoon leader and more? Really interesting... I like the way we rely on the attributes of the squad members, they are all different, different REPs, different attributes. Making it more personal is something I look forward to....

    3. I am looking forward to playing myself. Just received some painted figures so it looks like this week I'll start.

  2. "You're Going to Want This! NUTS Supplement"

    I know that - the question is When??? ;-)))

    1. Soon, just doing final edits then JP needs to sign off on it.