Friday, 27 May 2016

You're Going to Want This! NUTS Supplement

Italy After Normandy - You're going to want this one. Here's why!

I have to thank John Paul (the author) for riding this one out. Right about the time he finished the manuscript for the first time, I came out with NUTS Final Version. Without a word, he took the manuscript back and re-did it to work with the new version of NUTS.

When I got it back, there were loads of manuscripts in the queue ahead of it. Unfazed, John Paul hung in there and thanks to him for doing it. Why?

Because this is, a great supplement. 

John Paul has brought a level of reality to NUTS that has never been seen before. By adding new mechanics, he’s made NUTs “personal” and they’re a better set of rules for it.
So once again, thank you sir; much appreciated.

Watch for battle reports in the next few days.

IAN is not for sale yet.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Quarter Horse Racing - Anyone interested in play testing?

Title says it all. Can be used with Larger Than Life as well as a diversion or to center a story in, find the horse or jockey before the big race. Actually can be used with any time period or by itself. Plays real fast, 15 minutes a race, solo or up to 6 players. Great for non-wargamers as well.

Friday, 13 May 2016

2d6 Sword & Sorcery - When Rep 7 isn't enough!

Here's a major rule in 2d6 Sword & Sorcery that may be overlooked. It's an important one and makes those Rep 7+ guys, not as Bad A$$ as one would believe.

Page 11 bullet point 3.
•    [i]If fighting more than one figure all figures roll at the same time and the defender applies his scores to all of the attackers.[/i]

Here's what that means...

I will be bringing this rule into all my THW games when it comes to melee.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Future Tales - Pulp Science Fiction - Now on Sale!

Welcome to the Future!

The Future is space ships, robots, laser guns, and much more.  It’s about journeying to countless worlds and encountering all sorts of alien life.  It’s about adventures of all shapes and stories of all kinds.  And these stories are all yours for the telling!

Future Tales - Now on sale!

Future Tales

Monday, 9 May 2016

Why 2d6 Sword & Sorcery?

"I mean, you  already have Swordplay.

Good question. Swordplay is a great little game that introduces players to the Reaction System and other game mechanics used in Two Hour Wargames.  

2d6 Sword & Sorcery is an easier way to get started in Two Hour Wargames. Perfect for the whole family and not just wargamers. Easy to teach to younger players, 2d6 Sword & Sorcery games can be finished in as little as 20 minutes. This keeps the players interested and allows for campaigns where you can keep the same characters and play more than one game in one sitting.

But don't be fooled; 2d6 Sword & Sorcery is an easy to learn game, but still requires some strategy, as well as luck. Give it a try and watch for 2d6 Sci Fi Combat, the companion rules set for Modern and Sci Fi shoot 'em ups.


2d6 Sword & Sorcery Now Available!

Sometimes I just want to play an easy game.

Easy, but fun. Easy, but still a challenge. One where I have Heroes saving the day, Magic Users tossing cool spells, and a way to have my guys get better when they do good.

One where all I need to play is on two pages. And it's free...

2d6 Sword & Sorcery

Monday, 2 May 2016

PDR - Professional Dino Ridng - Family Card Game

Who doesn't like cowboys or dinosaurs? Here's a report on a quick and easy fun little card game that can be played with the family and kids - even non-gamers.