Saturday, 14 March 2015

Oportunity Knocks - Forum Moving Soon - Long Story but worth the read

Those of you that remember the Yahoo Group and the fiasco with Yahoo Neo, will be interested to know that Yahoo also is the power behind the THW forum. We've had symptoms of break downs already with inability to log on, Forum going down, etc.

I've just cut a deal with David at Lock n Load Publishing for him to host the THW Forum. It's privately run and he has instant support staff on his payroll so I've decided for long term stability to move over there.

So what happens now?
In about a week we will no longer be able to post on this forum. The threads will stay for reading, but that's it. I'll be providing the same service over there - we even have our own section - just scroll down.

Short term its a pain, but this way I can guarantee that no one will pull the rug out from under the THW Forum. You will need to sign up (sorry) for the forum. ATZ Reloaded- the board game and other THW products are now available for pre-order over there. You'll get a big discount and they don't take your money until they are ready to ship. You'll also need to sign up for the store as well if you wish to pre-order.

Thanks for understanding, believe me, in the long run this is better for everyone involved. Watch for continuous messages regarding the transfer.

The blog remains the same.


  1. Have signed up to LnL forum and look forward to much jolly banter. Good luck with this new venture, in all aspects, Ed.
    My handle on the forum is Phalanx58
    Best Wishes
    Brian Bunker (UK)

  2. So... what happens with this forum?

    I am happy to see that you are leaving the yahoo forum... i am very unhappy with the yahoo groups

    1. Hello,
      That forum will be for information only, no new posts but the archives will be available and it may be used to get out information.

    2. Ok, thanks, see you on LnL Forum!

  3. The big problem I have with all stand alone forum like this one is, If they don't send out an email list every day of new posts I never go look at them and then to find new posts on them is almost imposable. that list of new posts in the email every day is a driving force to let people see and read the new posts. To date yahoo groups is the only forum that does that and all other have dropped the ball on this driving force. I hope your new

    1. will have this fetcher. Good luck

    2. That's one thing I'm looking into, I'll speak with their IT people. Or maybe someone that already uses it knows about it.

    3. This is from David. I think it works like the Daily Digest,

      Hi Everyone. I am traveling to a trade show (going to meet Ed) so my reply may be a little off since I am on my phone. There is a daily and a weekly notice email sent out. You can join them at the bottom right of the forum page. If this is not what your looking for let me know and I will add it. Let me welcome you all on behave of LnL