Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Larger Than Life Director's Cut now on sale!

The game of Pulp Adventures is now on sale. 

Inside Larger Than Life – Director’s Cut you’ll find:

• A variety of characters for you to play with and against. Stars, Co-Stars, Love Interests, Femme Fatales, and of course, the villains – we call them the Big Bads.

• Over 35 Attributes that you can mix and match to make your characters unique. 

• A system that allows your characters to increase in skills and abilities when they succeed, but force them into “retirement” when they fail.

• An easy to use mechanic that will generate and solve Clues, during each Story, based on your characters abilities. Solve the Clues and you make it to the Final Scene.

• Nine different villains to fight, from Mob Bosses to Cavemen, and everything in between. 

• Four different Locales to adventure in. From the back alleys of a large Metropolis, to the villages in a Lost World, your Hero can travel from place to place, all generated by the game mechanics.

• Over fifty Professions to create Victims, Suspects, and People of Interest and enrich your Story.

• Mechanics that generate hundreds of possible adventurers, with no two ever being alike.

• Playable solo, cooperatively, or head to head.

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