Thursday, 22 January 2015

Pewter Coins for 2 Hour Dungeon Crawl

Acheson Creations has made up some heavy pewter coins to be used with 2HDC as well as in other ways. The vary in size but are all around 1" and 1/8" thick.
Three types, a Dwarf, Elf, and Asian. Should be available in sets and individually as well. If interested email me at

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Larger Than Life Director's Cut now on sale!

The game of Pulp Adventures is now on sale. 

Inside Larger Than Life – Director’s Cut you’ll find:

• A variety of characters for you to play with and against. Stars, Co-Stars, Love Interests, Femme Fatales, and of course, the villains – we call them the Big Bads.

• Over 35 Attributes that you can mix and match to make your characters unique. 

• A system that allows your characters to increase in skills and abilities when they succeed, but force them into “retirement” when they fail.

• An easy to use mechanic that will generate and solve Clues, during each Story, based on your characters abilities. Solve the Clues and you make it to the Final Scene.

• Nine different villains to fight, from Mob Bosses to Cavemen, and everything in between. 

• Four different Locales to adventure in. From the back alleys of a large Metropolis, to the villages in a Lost World, your Hero can travel from place to place, all generated by the game mechanics.

• Over fifty Professions to create Victims, Suspects, and People of Interest and enrich your Story.

• Mechanics that generate hundreds of possible adventurers, with no two ever being alike.

• Playable solo, cooperatively, or head to head.

More info.