Sunday, 13 July 2014

95th - Napoleonic Wars Supplement for Chain Reaction

95th is the name of our supplement for Chain Reaction 3.1 (link). Our goal with CR 3.1 is to offer a complete set of free rules with  mechanics that can be used for different periods and offer inexpensive supplements to provide period flavor.  Learn one set of mechanics, play many periods, is what I like to say.

95th brings the Napoleonic Wars to a personal level. It's made for small skirmishes; think Sharpe's Rifles.  Bob Minadeo (author of Muskets and Mohawks, Long Rifle, Muskets and Shakos and more THW titles) has taken CR 3.1 and given it a Napoleonic spin, with new rules to reflect the weapons and tactics of the time period.

In 95th you lead a small group of Spanish, French, or British and Allied soldiers. If you prefer, you can play as Guerrillas or Deserters. In fact, it's so versatile and compelling that it's what I use for my ImagiNation games of that time period. Bob's added ten new scenarios that can be played as you choose, or as part of a campaign. Any fan of the Sharpe's series will be familiar with these opportunities to play an historical game but with a cinematic flair. Watch for AARs on the blog.

95th; it's the Napoleonic Wars, but this time it's personal.


  1. Very interesting.... but... Where could be downloaded?

  2. No released yet. The core rules for free are here.

  3. Thanks Ed, I already downloaded the core rules and played it!

  4. I've done some play testing and the first thing I noticed that was different than CR 3.1 was shooting. Bang! One shot, crap, now I'm unloaded! LOL

  5. The Napoleonic period is one I've shied away from as a gamer (I'm a slow painter and those uniforms!), always liked Sharpe; this could be the slippery slope...! :-o